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Summary: He's seen her, his best friend throughout the years. 

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Age 10-12:

"Lenny is not a girl!" 

His eyes widened in disbelief; trembling, he removed his arms that were shielding his face from the elder fifth graders that were picking on him. It was because of his hair.

However, that was not the main spotlight. She had came to rescue him, she scared and kicked away the bullies. He knew who this girl was, she was his best friend.

Hatsune Miku stood tall and proud, the rest of the boys had scampered away in fear, crying with bruises and cuts all over their older bodies. Miku huffed stubbornly, she turned to face the boy she had just saved. In an instant, the tealette's cold expression, that sent daggers out to anyone who dared to face her, melted into a warming smile. 

Len ran up to her in a panic, for she was human just like those boys, and also just like those boys she had cuts and bruises all up her arms, around her knees, and a big gash on her cheek. There was blood oozing out from her cheek, and now realizing it, Miku had felt the pain stinging harshly. 

Wincing, she gulped and flashed the bravest smile towards her best friend, "I'm fine!" she chirped, it was not convincing at all.

Len's palms balled up into tight fists, he was holding tightly onto his school uniform. No matter how hard he tried, he could not keep the tears from falling. Len Kagamine was now sobbing into the older girl's chest. 

"I'm sorry.." his wails were muffled, but Miku could tell that he was truly sorry. However, she found it ridiculous, if it was anyone's fault it would be those stupid fifth graders who picked on him because he --"looked like a girl"-- No, Len Kagamine did not look like a girl in her eyes, just because his hair was in his eyes, and his bangs were growing out, does not make him a female.

Miku shook her head and ran her long slender fingers through Len's hair in a very comforting way, even though she was the one beaten up, she was also the one who had to cheer the victim up. No matter how much her cheek was burning now, Len's feelings always came first.

Len gasped, instantly his head shot up--K'tunk!

Len's forehead hit Miku's chin, and now her chin was sore also. This caused another fit of outbursts of 'I'm sorry!' Miku only laughed, she laughed so hard that it was now tickling her belly, and her face turned red, and tears streamed down her face.

"Len?" Miku muttered, holding a bit more tighter on the younger boy, who was now panicking and trying to stop the blood from gushing out of her cheeks.

When he didn't answer, she tried again. 

"Len!" this time, it was more of an annoyed shout then a calm mumble, Len took in a sharp breath and stared at her. She stared back carefully, her cheeks reddened, but Len wasn't sure if it was from her laughing fit or not. 

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