×××Chapter 6×××

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×××Y/N'S POV×××

I wake up to the smell of bacon and a text message. I unlock my phone and I look at the message. It's from Red. Good morning. He said. I text back saying good morning. How are you? I slide off the bed and stand up. I grab my phone off the covers and put it in my sweat pants pocket. I walk out and follow the scent of bacon and eggs.

Once I get to the kitchen I see Adam making breakfast while Alesa is holding Mason and feeding him. "Hi guys." I say groggily and rubbing my eyes. Thy both look at me and smile. "Hey Y/N." Alesa says. "Hey sleepy head." Adam says going back to cooking. "That smells so good." I say sitting next to Alesa. "Thank you!" He says not taking his eyes off the stove.

I look at Mason. "May I feed him?" I ask. Alesa looks up and smiles. "Sure." She says and hands him to me. "Hi baby Mason! Your so adorable!" I say and give him his bottle. "You have such a beautiful baby boy." I say. "Thanks." "Breakfast is ready!" Adam says cheerfully. I give Mason back to Alesa and go and grab a plate.

×××Time Skip×××

After breakfast Adam and I went to the office and parked. I walked in and instantly saw Red talking to Max. It looks like they're fighting. I hurry over there. "Hey! What the hell is going on?!" I yell. Max looks at me and Red just stares at Max with a death stare. Max just walks away without saying one word.

I watch him walk away. I feel arms wrap around my sides. I turn around and see Red inches from my face. "Sorry you had to see that." He says. "Umm its uh fine." I say grabbing his arms and lightly pushing them away. "Oh sorry." He says looking down. 'Should I kiss him? I don't know what to do. I don't want him to feel rejected.' I thought. I walk up to him, "It's fine." I say and wrap my arms around his neck and kiss him.

×××Max's POV×××

I storm off without saying a word. 'I'm so stupid.' I thought. "I'm gonna eavesdrop on them." I quietly say to myself. I walk back to where I came from and hide around a corner. "I'm sorry." I hear Red say. "Sorry for what?" I whisper to myself. I look around the corner as see Y/N looking at Red. Then the unbelievable happens.

Y/N wraps her arms around Red's neck and kisses him. "No..." I feel my eyes starting to burn from the building tears. I turn around and run to Ross' office. I knock on his office door and he opens it. "What's u- Max! What's wrong?!" He says. I collapse on him into a hug and lightly cry on his shoulder. He tightly wraps his arms around me and rubs my back.

"Come in and tell me what happened okay?" He asks. I sniffle, "Okay." And with that me and Ross walk in his office and close the door behind me. I sit down and he sits next to me. "So what happened?" He asks. "She kissed him..." His eyes widen. "Shit. I feel bad." He says. "Yea... What do I do..?" I ask him. "Well first get yourself cleaned up and talk to her." He says.

"Talk to her how?" "Get to know her. Ask about her past and stuff like that." "I can't do that!" "Bull. Your Max. Your mom didn't raise a bitch." He says smirking. "Your right. I'll talk to her." "That's the spirit!" We both stand up and hug. We let go and I walk to the door. "Max. Don't go killing anyone." He says. "No promises!" And I leave his office.

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