The beach

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Aaron's P.O.V
We got to the pool and almost every girl in there looked straight at me. Y/n suddenly grabbed my arm and all the girls gave her death stares. I just went with it. We were swimming and then I decided to grab y/n's waist and swim with her. She looked at me and grabbed me and we both went underwater. She was laughing when we came back up and I chuckled. We were having fun and we enjoyed swimming. We then headed to the hot tub. Me and y/n sat together and Nicole sat next to y/n with  Katelyn beside her. Lucinda and Aphmau sat next to Katelyn. I decided to put my arm around y/n because some guys started looking at her funny. I gave them a death stare and they all returned it. Y/n looked at them and waved. I felt a little mad and pulled y/n closer to me. After a good five minutes in the hot tub we all sat along the pool and put our feet in. Y/n was smiling this whole time and it made me feel great. The guys from earlier looked at y/n again and I just made sure y/n was close to me and nobody else. We enjoyed the last few minutes until we had to dry off and go back to our rooms. Our rooms were on the third floor so we got in the elevator and rode up. The guys were following us so I stayed by y/n the whole way back to the room. We both changed and I let y/n lay in the bed first. I then tried to lay in a chair, but y/n refused to let me and pulled me into the bed. She then decided to cuddle up next to me and I didn't stop her.
Y/n P.O.V
I was cuddling up to Aaron and he suddenly put his arm around me. We laid together and soon fell asleep cuddling. I woke up to see Aaron's face centimeters away from mine. Aaron was still asleep and I tried to gently move away, but failed. Aaron soon woke up to me trying to get out of his grasps. "Why are you trying to leave? I just got comfy." He said quietly. He then pulled me closer to him and I realized it was only 6:00am. I decided to go back to sleep and I relaxed again cuddling Aaron. I then woke up again later to Aaron trying to get away from me. I just pulled him closer and he started to tickle me. "No! Aaron stop!" I said through laughs. He stopped and saw it was now 9:00am. We were going to the breakfast buffet with the others soon so me and Aaron got dressed. We then headed over to the restaurant to see the others waiting. We got our table and we had breakfast. We then decided to go to the beach so me and Aaron got changed into our swimsuits again. We grabbed a beach ball and went out to the beach. Me and Aaron met up with the others on the beach and we marked our area. Me and Aaron went down to the water while the others built sand castles. Me and Aaron splashed each other and we were having a great time. Then the boys from yesterday came over and grabbed me.
Aaron's P.O.V
The boys from yesterday grabbed y/n. "Hey cutie wanna ditch that loser?" They asked her. "No Aaron is my best friend!" She said sternly. "Well I bet we're better for you." "No Aaron is perfectly fine!" "But we just want to get to know you better." "I don't care I care about Aaron!" They then started to pull her towards them and I grabbed y/n. She wasn't getting kidnapped again, not on MY watch! I pulled her back to me. The boys then tried to punch me until they finally landed a hit. "Hey boys~" y/n said. Did I lose her just like that? "Do you want to die?" She asked. I looked at her shocked so did the boys. "Cause if you hurt MY AARON I will hurt you!" She said emotionless. The boys then charged at her and she summoned a sea dragon. It grabbed them and threw them into the ocean. There was no lifeguard because apparently they were the lifeguards. Y/n then ran over to me. "Aaron are you ok! I'm so sorry you got hit, it's all my fault!" She cried a little as she said that and I hugged her. I told her I was fine and we went to go help the others with their sand castles.

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