Chanii And Cody Rhodes

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Today It Has officially Been 5 years you and your boyfriend Cody Rhodes Have Been Dating . Today Was Monday Night Raw and he said he had a surprise for you .You were eager to know what it was . He told you to dress nice . You agreed and curled your hair , threw on skinny jeans , a cute top and heels . As you waited for your surprise you watched him walk out to the Wwe universe wearing a dress shirt and jeans with his mustache shaved .

"Today is my Lovely Divas Champ and I's 5 year anniversary . So I wanna bring her out here . Chantell please come out ." He said . You slowly got up as your theme music played and walked to the curtains and walked down the ramp as the crowd clapped . He smiled at you . Right now you were nervous . Not knowing what he was gonna do . You slowly climbed into the ring and he gave you a kiss on the cheek .

"I just wanted to tell you that you're the perfect girl for me. You're Beautiful, funny, smart, talented. I don't know what I'd do without you. You're my girl, and you'll always be my girl. I never want to go a day without you with me. I love you . Happy anniversary . And I made this Slideshow for you ."

He said turning you to the Titantron showing all the matches you two had together and all of the fun things you guys did . Then all of a sudden all of the wwe superstars and divas walked out and stopped at the ramp smiling. You felt the tears coming and you just let them fall . You wiped your tears as you continued to watch the video . After it was over you turned around and Cody was on one knee . You covered your mouth as he pulled out a small box and opened it . It was a beautiful diamond ring .

"Chanii . I love you with all of me . Will you make me the happiest man on earth and marry me?" He asked handing you the mic . You were still shocked and tears were just pouring down your eyes . You slowly took the mic . The crowd chanted Yes !

"Yes!" You screamed into the mic as the crowd cheered . He smiled and put the ring on your left ring finger and picked you up and hugged you tight . You hugged back and you guys kissed . You made it short and pulled away . You looked over and everyone was cheering at you guys . Even Jerry Lawler , Micheal Cole , And Jbl were standing up clapping . You smiled and kissed Cody again .

"I love you . It's beautiful ." You whispered in his ear .

"I love you too ." He said picking you up again and hugging you . You happily hugged back and you both walked out of the ring and up the ramp . All of the divas congratulated you and took a look at your ring . They smiled and your Bestfriend Kaitlyn hugged you .

"Congrats Chanii !" She yelled .

"Thank you Kaitlyn . Maybe you and Dolph will be married one day ." You said and winked at Dolph . He smiled and gave you a hug . You pulled away as you and Cody walked back to his tour bus . You both stripped down and laid on the bed .

"I'm so happy . I love you . Happy anniversary Cody I love you so much and I can't wait to be Mrs. Rhodes . " You said and smiled .

"Chantell Rhodes .. Excellent ." He said . You both laughed and he kissed you again . For the rest of the night you both celebrated your engagement .In your own Dirty way .


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