×××Chapter 5×××

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Let me tell you now you're going to hate me for this chapter.

×××Y/N POV×××

Me and Michael walk into the mall and go to the closest food court. We find a little food joint and grab some food and sit down. We start having some small talk and talk about the office and friends. Then there was silence between us. "Do you like anyone?" He asks making me jump slightly. "Uhh. No not currently."

He looks down at his food and plays with it with his fork. "What about you?" I ask. "What?" He asks looking at me. "Do you like anyone?" I ask again. "Uhh... Yea." "Who?" He mumbles something and looks down but I didn't catch it. "Who?" "You." My eyes widen and my face turns red. "R-Really?" He places his hand on the table and moves his hand on mine and takes it which was also on the table.

I look at our hands and my heart starts pounding in my chest. "Is this why you wanted me to go to lunch with you?" I say almost inaudible. "Yea. I wanted to tell you how I feel without all of our friends around us." He says. We stare into each others eyes for a second until he leans over the table and squeezes my hand, getting close. "W-What a-are you doing?" "This." And he kisses me. My face heats up so bad it feels like I'm going melt.

He pulls back and looks at me. I'm completely wide eyed and surprised. He frowns and sits back down and let's go of my hand. "I-I'm so sorry. I didn't mean to do that I'm sorry." He says and looks down at his hands which are on his lap. "Um. Let's just go shopping and stuff to keep our mind off what happened." I say. "Okay but one question." "Yes?" "Do you like me back?" He says looking up at me.

"I uh um. I don't know." "Oh okay. Let's go shopping then." He says and stands up. I stand up as well and we both head to GameStop. After doing a bunch of shopping we decide to sit on a bench. We sit next to each other which is a bit awkward but not that bad. I lean back with my arms on both side of me on the bench. I yawn and close my eyes.

Then I feel a hand grab mine and I look at Red. He's looking at our hands then at me. My face gets red again. He leans towards me and kisses me again. I don't kiss back but after a while I slightly kiss back not knowing if I should or not. He pulls back and smiles. "Is that a yes?" "I still don't know." I say. He squeezes my hand, smiles and we stand up.

He let's go and grabs the bags with his free hand and as do I and we walk to his pretty cool car. I wish I had a car like his. We put our bags in the back seat and we both get in the front. He drives to the office and parks. We step out and get the bags and walk inside. We put the bags in my office and set up some things. We put some pop figures on my desk and some little Zelda statues on my desk as well.

Whatever else we had we kept in the bag and put them on the floor next to the wall. As he walks to my door, he stops and looks at me. "Just think about it okay?" He asks. "Alright." And he leaves.

×××Time Skip×××

It's around 7:00 pm which means its time for me to go to Adams. I shut everything down and pack up my laptop. I can't stop thinking about Red and whenever I do my heart flutters. "For fucks sake what am I going to do..." I ask myself. I throw on the shoulder strap of my laptop case and leave my office. I walk over to Adam near the front door. "Alright let's go." I say and we leave.

We get to his house and we start to figure out sleeping arrangements. He says there's a guest room down the hall next to his and Alesa's room. Mason is across the hall. "Thanks again." "No problem. But right now try to be quiet because I think they're both trying to sleep." "Okay. I'm going to bed right now anyways." "Okay I'll see you tomorrow."

"Good night." "Night." And he walks off into his room. I look around and go into the kitchen just for a late night snack because damn I'm hungry. I open the fridge and grab an apple, wash it off and take a bite. I place the apple down on the counter and go to one of the over head cabinets and grab a cup and walk over to the fridge and use the water and ice dispenser to give me a cup of water.

After that, I grab my apple and walk into the guest bedroom. Its pretty nice in here to be honest. I place my snack and drink of the end table and open my suitcase for a change of something to sleep in. I change and I lay on the bed and slide my way under the blankets and eat my snack. After that I get comfortable and fall into a heavy sleep.

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