Chapter 1

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You just returned home from the grocery store today, buying food that were on sale today. Decent ingredients you and Saitama loved were 50% off and you were so happy for that.

You are Saitama's younger sister. You are at the age of 23. You are a B-Class Rank in the Hero Association falling just behind your older brother. The reason for this is due to having similar results as him when it came to the hero exams, and plus the way you made yourself move up from C-Class to B-Class was pretty similar to how Saitama got there as well.

That's right, like your brother you had trained hard everyday for the past 3 years until you went bald. Yes, you went bald, which you didn't really mind. But after a few months your hair had fully grown back to it's original (h/l) look.

Your brother seemed rather pissed about the fact that your hair ended up growing back, while he's still waiting for his own raven hair to grow back.

Unlocking the door to the apartment, you walk in with the two bags of groceries in your hands, yawning quite tiredly from all the walking you've been doing today.

"I'm home" you call out, and immediately you hear quick footsteps running towards the front door as soon as your voice was heard.

You looked up as you took your shoes off and placed them behind your brothers sandals, as expected you see none other than Saitama's desciple; Genos, standing straight to welcome you home.

"Welcome back, (Name)-senpai!" he says with his usual enthusiastic tone of voice.

You looked at his current attire. The same as usual except this time he's wearing a pink cooking apron. "You cooking dinner?" you asked him, walking towards the kitchen.

"Yes" Genos says simply. "Well, I was about to get started since I had just prepared the ingredients, but that is until I heard your return" he explained, making you sigh a chuckle as you placed the grocery bags on the bench.

"I see" you answer, opening one of the bags. "Where's the bro at?" you asked as you took a few of the items out of the plastic bags.

"The bro? You mean Saitama-sensei?" Genos questioned, slightly confused of the way you have formed your words. He notices you were not making eye contact with him. Instead you kept smirking, nodding to answer his question of confusion.

He still wanted to question why you had said 'the bro' instead of 'my big brother' or something, but decided not to. "He went for a walk, that is what he told me."

You turn your head to face him and raise an eyebrow. "And you're not stalking him?" you questioned, still smirking. "That's a first."

Genos flinched in his spot slightly. "I do not stalk him! I observe him to find out what his secrets are in obtaining the strength he has, so I can become stronger!" he corrects you, having that same glaring expression on his face.

You chuckle again at the way he had responded, you always found his reactions amusing and entertaining. It kinda makes your mood lighten most of the time.

"But he is training you, is he not?" you asked.

"Yes. However, I still acquire his daily routines just in case. It could help me become even stronger!"

"Eheh, whatever you say. Did he say where he was going to walk to?"

The blonde haired cyborg shook his head. "No, he hasn't. He was watching the television for approximately 17 minutes and 46 seconds, switched it off then he specifically said to me 'I'm gonna go for a walk'. I insisted on going with him but he protested and said 'I don't want you ruining my walk' and then ordered me to make dinner." he explained at a rather fast pace, which sometimes you didn't like but you bared with it.

Genos loosens his shoulders so they relaxed a little. "So that explains the situation, and it also explains why I am not observin-"



You snort at the way he had put more emphasis on the word 'observing' than usual, it had almost made you want to laugh.

He then looked up in thought, crossing his arms over his chest and then resting his robotic index finger and thumb on his chin. "I wonder what he didn't want me to ruin..." he thought out loud.

You thought for a moment. Hearing this and his explanation overall, you recalled that Genos mentioned Saitama didn't want him to ruin his walk...which means...

Your face turned a little grim as you face palmed. "He's gone to fight monsters, isn't he?" you thought. You walked over to the lounge, picked up the remote and switched the television on to watch the current news.

"We report there has been a strange outbreak at one of the secret laboratories located in city F. Strange, mysterious, large looking creatures that appear to be quite unappealingly overweight but human-like are suddenly running out of the lab and attacking the city. Heroes are unable to make it to the lab area yet so it is unknown how this occured or if there are any survivors in the lab."

Images were shown of the described creatures with an opened large mouth picking up a human, for some reason to you it had looked like this creature was about to eat that person, and you hoped that your thoughts were wrong.

Hearing this had slightly surprised you. "That news reporter is right, though. They do look rather ugly" you start off. "But they kind of look human also, experimenting on humans maybe?" you guessed. As you were talking to yourself, Genos had gotten a call from the Hero Association asking for his assistance.

Genos quickly came in the lounge to talk to you. "Senpai! City F requires our assistance" he informs in a hurry.

You turn to him. "I know, I saw on the news. Shall we head to that laboratory first? There may be survivors there and they should be able to tell us how this happened" you requested.

Hearing your request, Genos nods. "Yes, that sounds like quite the plan. I'll quickly turn the stove off!" The blonde cyborg teen runs to the kitchen to turn everything he's turned on off as you got changed into a casual baggy grey coloured 'oppai' hoodie, black stockings, mini shorts and (f/c) chucks. Like always you brung spare clothes just in case, and your awesome shades just cause you like them.

Genos returns properly clothed as well with a determined expression.

"Are you ready, (Name)-senpai?"


"Let's go, then!"


hey! I was a little scared to publish this story (・_・;) but I did it anyway. hope it's okay for a first chapter!

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