Chapter Twenty-Six

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     Pale shoulders were drawn back, eyes narrowed in an unconscious manner, daring any one to challenge her. Any Wolf that crossed her path gave her a wide berth, the many guards lining the halls bowed their heads in respect, no one wanted to anger the easily triggered Alpha Female.

      Thieving eyes greedily surveyed their surroundings, wary now that she had let her guard down for so long.

       Long, wide corridors painted gray, every ten yards an Enforcer was stationed, gun in hand, waiting for a potential suspect to come along, ready to die for their King. She briefly wondered like it would be like to devote your life to someone like that, to be willing to lay down your life in an instant for a person who most likely didn't give a shit about you.

Loyalty like that was a rare thing, something few and far between, Lym knew the only person she would be giving her loyalty to would be herself, in the world of Wolves it was hard to trust any one. It wasn't in the nature of Wolves to let outsiders in, Alphas and their mates were fiercely protective of their pack, seeing as it was like another child to them.

For as long as Lym could remember, it was always Duty before Honor, Pride before Mercy. Which was much like what she was doing now, bending her mate's will for her own gains, but the strange thing was she felt no remorse for it. She didn't understand why she should actually feel guilty for it, she knew he would do the same thing to her in the blink of an eye.

Her mood grew fierce at the thought, but she clamped down on it, she had no room to be angered by something that her mate hasn't even done while she is out doing it herself, she was not by any means a hypocrite.

Slender fingers grasped the cold, gold door handle of her mate's office, briefly pausing to make sure he was not there, the last she had seen of him was a few hours ago, he had told her he was going for a run. Giving murderous glares to the pit of Enforcers placed on each side of the doors when they looked like they were about to say something, she glided in, like the Queen she was.

Instantly she began to get to work, scouring high and low, nearly over turning tables and tearing the bookshelves out of the walls looking for the files. Standing still for fleeting moment, she thought to herself, wondering where she would put important files, hell, her mate lived in a fucking castle.

Then it came to her, it was relatively smart, not the best place but it made sense. If it wasn't where she thought, she drew up blanks, throwing her back to square one. Taking confident strides towards his desk, she walked around in complete circles, observing the situation before her. His whole office flooring was some type of exotic wool carpet, quite ridiculous if you asked her, save for a large, oval shaped area around his desk. It was made of planks.

Placing a hesitant foot on one of the half a dozen planks, she heard nothing. Blowing out an annoyed breath through her nostrils, she just walked across the wood, smirking when the last two squeaked. Dropping to her knees, she quickly thanked what ever God was there for her long nails. Grabbing hold of the loose wood, she gently worked it up, setting it quietly down beside her.

Dozens of alphabetized files laid in neat rows, fitting perfectly in the tight fitting crevice. She looked at it like she just won a Grammy, quickly flipping through the C files, pulling out the one titled Cuthe, she opened it with great eagerness.

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