Fallen Under

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Frisk, a young boy of thirteen, ran away from home. Hell, he wouldn't even consider that place his home after what he went through there. Abuse, name calling, a bunch of stuff. He couldn't handle it. Not anymore.

Frisk overheard rumors of the mysterious Mt. Ebott from people in his village. According to those rumors..

whoever went to the mountain never returned.

Frisk debated with himself for awhile before actually going along with the plan. If it means it would take away his pain and suffering, he'll do it.

This is where he is now.

Frisk stared down the hole with a sigh. It was a long way down, and there was nothing that could protect him or save him from that fall. He gripped onto his sweater, turning around with his back to the hole, taking a couple steps backward. He let out a sigh. He was finally going to do it. He was finally going to end his pain.

He fell.

It took awhile, for it being a long drop. The boy ended up turning around while falling and eventually made contact to the ground face-first. It hurt him, but did nothing to end him. He lifted himself from the ground and looked up to the hole.

You fell onto the hard ground. It hurts..
You dust yourself off and take a deep breath. Looking up, it seems that you can no longer go back.

Frisk admired that thought. To hell with his parents, his village, everyone who's treated him badly. He turned around and saw a pathway, deciding to follow it with a careful, steady beat. It had gotten pretty dark and holding his sweater closely and securely wasn't doing anything but making him more afraid. 

Soon, light shown. It was a small patch of grass. It didn't look like anyone was there. Voices could be heard though, and it made Frisk want to turn back. But to where? There's nowhere to go but to keep forth. "Ch-Chara, it's not safe!" Said a voice.

"Even so.. There's nothing they can do." Frisk could take note that this voice was the supposed 'Chara' the other voice said. "We can't risk another person falling here and dying because they won't listen to us."

Frisk walked further in and stopped in front of the patch of grass. The boy looked around and the grip on his sweater tightened. "H-hello?"

It was quiet.

Suddenly, after a few minutes, A flower sprouted from the patch, causing Frisk to jump back a bit. The same with a ghost-like child.

"H-howdy! I'm F-Flowey! Flowey the F-Flower!"

"Greetings; I am Chara. Welcome to the Underground.."

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