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"He should be here..." My mother said. I could see she was kind of embarrassed.

What a bad first impression. My moms so called amazing boyfriend was 10 minutes late for the dinner and we've been sitting here looking like idiots.

The Taylor family was on side of us and they were also curious as to who we were waiting for.

Dillon kept shooting me these smirks and it made angry. All I could do was send him death glares.

I couldn't deny that he looked very good in his black dress shirt and black slacks.

I waved at Michelle and she smiled at me. Our relationship has gotten so much better and shes already my friend. I never would have expected to be friends with a 12 year old but you get what you get and don't pitch a fit.

"I'm so sorry I'm late." A man that looked very good looking sat down next to my mom. He was wearing a black suit.

"It's okay." My mom said softly.

"Kids, this is Trey." My mom smiled at Trey and then at us.

"Hello." I said smiling.

Trey gave me a look that made me very uncomfortable. It was way worse than the looks Dillon kept giving me.

I shifted uncomfortably in my seat.

"Whats up." Chris said.

My mom gave him an scolding look. "That is not a good greeting Christopher." She said.

"Sorry... Hello sir, how are you this fine dandy day?" Christopher said.

I couldn't help but giggle.

Trey laughed too. His laugh was very deep.

My mom just glared at Chris.

"Hello has everyone already picked their meals for tonight?" A very attractive guy came to our table. He looked too hot to be true. I hate it when I bump into a very attractive guy because I know I will never get him.

It's not like you want them anyway, I told myself.

He flashed me a smile and my insides kind of melted. I smiled back, but quickly remembered what I was doing

Cait, remember the no-boys rule?

I heard a cough from the table next to us and noticed it came from Dillon. He was staring straight at me.

I wish he would mind his own damn business and stop staring at me. I don't know if he wants a piece of this ass, but he ain't getting none of it.

Since Trey took so long, I was already scanning over the menu and decided to go with an Italian ravioli pasta.

Everyone else ordered and we waited for the food.

"So, kids, tell me about yourselves." Trey sighed. He looked like he didn't want to be here.

What's up with guy?

"I'm Christopher, but I go by Chris. I'm 13, and I like video games... Do you have a dollar I can borrow?" Chis said.

I rolled my eyes in amusement as Trey searched his pockets.

"Sure little buddy." He handed Chris a dollar bill that looked brand new and smiled.

"Oh cool thanks!" Chris put it in his suit pocket.

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