8. Last Night (Lafayette x Reader)

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The sun shines in through the curtains in you and your husbands bedroom. You look over to see him still sleeping peacefully in the sheets. You look at him for awhile thinking of how lucky you are to be married to someone like him. As if on cue his eyes slowly open and you smile.

"Good morning." you say to him as he runs his hand through his thick brown hair.

"Good morning beautiful." Lafayette tells you looking straight into your eyes. You yawn and stretch a little feeling kinda tense.

"Did you enjoy yourself last night?" He smirks biting his lip sitting up a bit.

"Of course." you tell him getting out of bed to look for something to wear. Deciding on some skinny jeans and a shirt. As you change into the clothes Lafayette changes into his too. You meet him back downstairs in the kitchen where he is eating a quick breakfast so you join him. Even in the quiet you can feel him looking at you as if he's the luckiest man in the world to have you.

"Should we go meet up with Hamilton and the other two weirdos?" you ask him and he laughs nodding yes.

The car ride there is silent as usual, unless there was something to be spoke about. Today there just wasn't.

You arrive at Laurens' place around the time you had told them you'd be there last night. Already walking through the door you can hear them yelling and laughing. Following after Lafayette you go to the Living Room where they all suddenly stop laughing as they look up at you two.

"Why the sudden stop in laughter?" Lafayette asks.

The look on their faces show that they're trying not to laugh as John tries to say "Nothing." and leave it at that.

"Tell us." you say.

They all eye each other and Laurens finally says something, "You guys just left kinda early from the bar last night. Any particular reason?" Lafayette and you know exactly what they were thinking but you weren't gonna let them have the satisfaction of the argument.

"I was tired and wanted some rest." Laf says with no signs of lying at all.

"What kind of rest?" Hercules asks still wanting the actual right answer.

"What kind of rest do you think?" you say with maybe a little to much sarcasm.

"Sex." Alex says plain out loud.

You stare in disbelief that they would already say what they were thinking so quick.

"I'll take that as a yes." Laurens says as they all have a sly remark on their faces. Lafayette just rolls his eyes. And just when you think it's over you get yet another remark from Alexander.

"We're gonna be uncles boys!" Alex says with a now proud expression on his face while he tells them. They laugh and make fake heart felt expressions.

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