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Dipper stared at the glowing blue handcuffs that were in his hands. He let them rest in his hands then clenched his fingers together and kept a tight grip on the metal thing. Bill had given him a chance to lock up whatever side he wanted to since he had mixed feelings. He explained that there was a human side and a demon side and he would have to lock one up to make him feel completely like the other way he didn't lock up. That's what the two doors he were standing in front of were. One was black with blue scratch marks all along the door and the other was a nice cream color. In order to have got here, he had to sleep, which he did of course. All he had to do was open the doors, meet the sides, choose a side and then lock the other one up. Easy as pie. Dipper inhaled a deep breath and opened the blue and black door by turning the cold, metal doorknob. Another Dipper with sharp teeth, claws and dapper wear stumbled out, wearing a huge grin on his face. 

He smirked and offered a hand. "Pleasure to meet you." The original Dipper looked at it before shaking it slowly while the other one shook it fast, making it short and sweet. "I'm pretty sure you know who I am. The ONLY side you'll need!"

"...I dunno man..." He bit his lip while looking at the floor.

"Well then tell me, mister. Why SHOULDN'T you go with me?"

"Well..." Dipper started off quietly as the demon version of him put his hands on his hips, waiting. "I'd be all alone..no Mabel and no Jack..."


"Don't you think that'd be kind of sad?"

"Not at all!" He replied back and waved a hand in dismissal. "Besides! If you want someone to talk to, you always have Bill!"

"I guess so..."

"And didn't Star eat the cat's bell? Maybe she could join us down the same path!"

The 12-year-old boy gave a slow nod before looking at the other door. He backed up slowly a little bit. "I'm gonna go check out the other door."

"Why even bother? I'm obviously the better side."

"We'll see." Dipper said as the other one rolled his eyes. As soon as he walked over to the door, he got the feeling of a more calmed aura rather than the harsh one the demon's door was giving off. When he opened the door, another Dipper who looked completely normal with human eyes and everything walked out. It looked like him back in the beginning when he got on the bus to come to this crazy place. "Y-you...look normal." He sounded amazed.

"Well...I am the human side, so I would assume I look human." He responded back, giving a small smile.

"So...the other side gave me his reason...why should I choose you?"

"Ask yourself this: Do you want to end up like Bill? I mean, you've spent your whole time here just hating him....and e-even though there are s-sad moments...aren't t-the happy ones worth it..?" The original Dipper slowly nodded as the other one continued. "Besides, Mabel's stuck with us all this way...i-if you chose the other side..wouldn't that just be betraying her?"

"Well...yes...but what if it's better that way? Then I won't be able to hurt anyone anymore."

"If you lock up the Demon side, then you won't have to worry about that though. A-and you heard her..she said you saying you d-didn't love her hurt more than anything else."

"So what if we hurt her? We've got to look out for ourselves!" The demon side said with a grin, folding his arms.

"Yeah, and where will that get us? Alone and miserable for the rest of our life? D-Do you really want to inflect the pain you felt at the start onto others? B-Before this whole demon mess...don't pull a Bill!"

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