Part 1 // rise and shine greenie

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Darkness it surrounded you. As you blinked slowly trying to regain your sight. You turned slowly to meet with something... Fluffy?

It was black too. And it was all the way down to your feet. Weird right? You felt around and found a pocket knife and a bow. You tucked the knife into your combat boots and shuffled into a corner.

Half an hour. Ugh when does this thing stop??? The' box' suddenly stopped making you fly to the other side of the box. The doors suddenly opened and a blond boy jumped in.

"It's a girl..." He said looking up at the other guys then back at you.
" no I'm a boy with long hair and boobs what the fuck do you think?"

" remind you of anyone?"
" we got another Minho"
" Minho will have a competition!"

Angry you jumped out of the box and looked around. 4 walls were surrounding a large area that looks like a football pitch. In one of the walls was a gap so you did what you would always do. Run

Thank you for reading! In the picture let's pretend she has black hair to her feet👍🏻

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