Chapter 12

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Elena's POV
Katherine's hand still gripped mine tightly when we arrived at town square.

I squeezed back even harder, letting her skin against mind calm my nerves, which had already taken over every system in my body, making me dread everything that was coming.

Katherine glanced over at me, and I returned her gaze, letting the unspoken words pass between us.

No one noticed as we entered the town square hand in hand either, but it wasn't like anyone cared.

They were all too busy surveying the horror scene that had already begun in the once familiar town square.

Everyone that wasn't already locked in their homes or inside of shops was running around the streets screaming.

Several had gotten out their phones and tried to call people, but it seemed reception was lost and phones were useless.

People ran around desperately either trying to find loved ones or escape the already afflicted.

For a minute, I couldn't tell which ones were the real people and which ones the demon had taken into its clutches.

But then I realized.

The ones on the killing spree ran as well, running after everyone they could find, killing everyone they could find.

But they ran with a robotic motion, no emotions on their face. They were pale and their eyes were blank.

I knew when I had turned off my humanity I had no emotions, but at least I wasn't a robot. At least Elena was still in there somewhere.

There seemed to be no speck of a real human being inside of these people. And we needed to stop it.

"Where's the demon?" I asked Katherine.

She shook her head, brow furrowing.

"Probably off finding a family that'll be good at killing everyone they meet. That's really what it's best at."

At that moment, Caroline had rushed up to us as well.

"We need to get going. Do what you do, save people, catch people who are murdering. Katherine, don't kill anyone."

Katherine rolled her eyes and released my hand.

She started in one direction and I followed her, watching carefully around me for the empty shells of humans I had picked out earlier.

From all around us, Stefan, Damon, and Caroline all sped around, collecting people they found. Ahead of me, Katherine noticed a man with a butcher knife in his hand, looking on at a woman cornered in an alley.

Katherine sped forward and grabbed him by the arm, twisting it behind his back until he let go of the knife to grab her.

As soon as the knife clattered to the ground, he and Katherine were off to lock him up.

As I walked around town cautiously, on the look out for more murderous people.

A scream sounded out behind me.

I whirled around on the spot, to see a what must have been a teenage girl walking to an elderly lady with an axe in her hand.

The woman was running, but not nearly fast enough for the agility the girl ran at, and despite her robotic tendencies, she might have killed the old woman.

But she didn't, as I had grabbed her and broken the axe handle against her knee, grabbing her tightly by the arms and speeding her back to the Salvatore mansion.

Damon was in the living room, getting ready to go again.

He had blood splattered against his face and shirt and was wringing his hands through his hair.

"Damon!" I said as I walked in, holding the struggling teenager tightly.

He looked grimly at the girl and took her from me, leading me down to the basement.

"It's already filling up." he said, shoving the girl in an empty cell and locking it.

"And we can't have them in the same cells unless we chain them up. Otherwise, they'll kill each other."

"It's not exactly a perfect situation. But it's better than none, right?" I said, trying to lift the somber mood at least a little bit.

Damon shrugged.

"This is my home. Always has been and always will be. I can't stand to see it like this."

With that, Damon left me standing in the basement as he sped back to town.

I soon followed suite.

Getting to town, I noticed how much it has changed in just a period of a few minutes.

A fire had started in one of the buildings, and now people's attention was stuck not only on getting themselves away from the demon, but stopping the fire and saving the people inside the building.

Bonnie was already attempting a spell to stop the fire.

I also noticed that since I had left, there were now dead bodies littered on the ground.

I tried not to look, turning away from the wide open eyes or the mouth set in a permanent scream.

Everything was getting to be too much for me.

And the third thing that had changed was the demon was here. It hovered above the chaos, scanning us all to see whom his next victim would be.

And then, it found its next victim.

A little girl stood alone, crying out for her mommy on the side of the street.

The demon swooped down close to her and her crying turned into screaming.

Katherine, on the other side of the street, heard, and cut short her struggle with a middle aged woman to speed over to the demon and the little girl.

She grabbed the girl tightly, hugging her against her chest, and the demon stayed there for a few seconds.

I didn't know what was happening, because the demon was blocking my view of Katherine and the little girl, and all I could do was watch in horror until the demon flew away.

And even then, I was rooted to the spot, unable to run over to Katherine and help her, just watch everything unfold.

Katherine's grip on the girl loosened and the child slid from her embrace, running in the opposite direction.

Katherine stayed in one position for a while, but then she looked up, straight at me.

Her eyes were blank.

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