Christmas Spirit

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Things you need to know:
-A year post college
-Bechloe is together
-They're living in Atlanta

"Oh the weather outside is-"

"Shut up."

"And the fire is all so-"

"Fuck off."

"But as long as you love me so-"

"Shut the fuck up it is 6 am," Beca ended, rolling over in bed and covering her face with her pillow. She was not one for Christmas spirit, especially since there were 24 more days until Christmas Eve.

"No way! It's finally Christmas!" Chloe squealed in a sing song voice, jumping onto the bed, causing Beca to fly up in the air a little. Christmas was Chloe's favorite time of year, and Beca had told her the previous December not to even start Christmas preparations until at least December, so it wasn't a huge surprise waking up to this.

"I'm dreaming of a white Christmas, just like the-" Chloe's singing was cut off once again by her grumpy girlfriend.

"Newsflash: it's only December 1st, and plus we've both lived in Atlanta all our lives, you've never seen a white Christmas and neither have I." Beca lifted the pillow off her face before talking, only to drop it again.

"Come on! We both gotta get to work, and I made special breakfast!" Chloe said, pulling the brunette out of bed by the arm.

"Special?" Beca asked, her eyes lighting up like Christmas trees.

"I made pancakes with chocolate chips and red and green sprinkles, and then I crushed up some candy canes and mint chocolate for the top!" Chloe said happily, pulling out a chair for Beca before handing her a plate of Christmas themed pancakes.

"Ok, I can tolerate the cooking, everything else, not so much," Beca said, taking a bite of the pancakes. "Oh my god Chlo, these are amazing," she said with her mouth full.

Chloe smiled and sat down next to the smaller girl. "Hey, I just want to have a holly jolly Christmas!" She said, ending in song.

"Is there any coffee? Because there's no way in hell that I'm gonna survive your craziness today without it." She put her head in her hands and closed her eyes, trying to relieve the headache from the lack of caffeine.

"Caffeine withdrawal?" Chloe asked with a smile, getting up to pour Beca a cup of coffee

"Not yet," Beca shrugged. "If I don't have any, I will, but the headache right now is from being woken up an hour early by a really really hot elf serenading me."

"Is that you trying to get in my pants, Mitchell?" Chloe asked with a smirk, handing Beca her cup of coffee.

"Mayyyybeeeee," Beca said with a laugh.

"Are you working today?" Chloe asked, sitting back down next to Beca.

"No," Beca replied. "I just have to reply to some emails tonight."

"You should come do all the classes I'm teaching today!" Chloe said. She worked at the local community center teaching dance, workout, yoga, and art classes. Beca had helped her decide after they graduated, and they both figured it would be the perfect career for her since she had so many hobbies.

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