Chapter 3: A Contradiction

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Time skip 3 years

I sat in class with a bunch of other padawans of different species and gender. Everyone here was different yet we all shared one thing in common, the force. The force is a bond between all living things that makes up the galaxy. It connects each and every one of us to every living thing.

It was nice to think about how we're all connected and wonderful people who care for one another and nature, however I doubt this sometimes. The mistrust and greed among us causes each of us to be blind to what is around us.

Force users are supposed to be pure, and find balance with the force. They are supposed to forget their worldly desires and reach enlightenment so they will have full use of the force. To give up everything is a contradiction. What's the point of giving up everything to obtain this "enlightenment" if you have nothing you want to obtain with it.

Then there are stories meant to frighten little children of the sith. The sith are evil force users who give into rage and desire. This is where the contradiction comes in, Jedi can not love while sith can. If there is no compassion in one's heart, they are emotionless monsters. Humanity is what makes us human and the Jedi have none of it.

Sith are allowed to love and feel and go through the emotions that make them human. Are they really the villains or were they played off that way. My mother once told me, "History is written by the winners." Were the Jedis just the winners long ago giving everyone a false hope and calling themselves "heroes"?

I sat there pondering this idea as luke taught the padawans who sat at their desks writing down whatever he was teaching. It was honestly a boring lesson that I already learned after going through the great library. I just impatiently waited for piloting class to come around so we could go do something.

I looked at the seat behind me where poe sat fast asleep on the desk. He was probably dreaming about piloting as that quickly became his favourite thing to do. I leaned back in my chair daydreaming, as I waited for the class to be over.

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