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Why Helllooo Gais and Gurls~

First of all..

Nope this book is not about Banana even tajuk dia Lawak Banana lol


Buku ni berdasarkan real life kami... so.. kalau ada yg tak paham.. buat buat paham jelah  😂


If somehow Me or evilskitten has offended you in any ways.. WE'RE SORRY AND PEACE NO WAR.


Sorry kalau kitorang jarang update... well you see.. School life sucks meh *shrug*

Whateva whateva,

If our jokes or maybe my jokes is kinda weird.. please IGNORE..maybe dah desperate sangat nak update  😂

Last but not least,

I hope you guys ENJOY!  ;) and please if you have any ideas to give us please say it and we'll try to post it :D THANNNNNKKK YOUUU FRANDDDSSS


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