Im Naturally Weird

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Hi! I'm Frisk.
I am the 'weird', 'unusual', 'friend to monsters', normal teenager.
Currently I'm living with my adopted mother Toriel Dreemur, who is a single mother. Because of the jerk Asgore. Just saying that name makes my stomach boil.
My closest friend is a flower, a talking, sadistic, flower. Who use to be Asriel Dreemur, Toriel and Asgore's son. Who was injected with determination from a human soul. But I don't want to step into that drama. All you need to know is that Alphys is trying her best to get Flowey back to the monster he use to be.
Currently I'm going to high school at Oceanside High. It's a nice place, I suppose. Accept for the students who constantly bully me. Of course I ignore them. Because there ignorant jerks. Who can't see past the norms.

I also have the top grades of my class. When ever someone bullies me, I always rub it in that I'm the in the top of the class. That always makes them shut their dirty mouths.

I miss most of my friends. Undyne, Papyrus, Sans. Especially Sans. All the bad, but funny puns that we would make together. His lazy composure, and his unusually excellent grades made us best friends. I also felt an unusually feeling to him. It was a feeling that made my heart flutter, and my cheeks flush. Was it love, maybe. I suppose I'll never know until the future unravels.

Oh stop it Frisk. It's not love, it's just excitement. No. I'm wrong! It has to be love, it just has to be.

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