Chapter 2

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Elyza Lex.

The world is so screwed up right now. What am I saying the world has always been screwed up but now it's screwed up differently. Now the ones of us left have to deal with these ugly skin falling off growling hungry for flesh deceased humans that act like sick wild animals.

During the beginning of the craziness it was just me my dad and my step sister. My dad was bit by one of the deceased I shot him and then me and my step sister Jane kept moving. We ended up with a very decent sized group. They had a leader a guy who's name was Ash he was killed because he was a complete moron. Afterwards the group of then 73 people was a complete mess and I became the new group leader. The group has grown very slightly I have gave a little bit of mercy to a little boy and his mom. And as for the people who try to mess with my group well they are the ones who end up with bullets in their brain or their head laying beside their body as their neck drain every last bit of blood in their body.

We made makeshift shelters we mainly just used tents and tarps. We have one building made out of brick that was here when we got here. That's where we keep the supplies he have. Although it looks like it's about time for another run.

I got up off of my mattress and slip on my black leather jacket. And head out of the tent.

"Hey Elyza!" a boy a little bit older than me maybe 18 calls out.


"Are you about to go on a run?" He asks.

"Well I just don't know. Hmm let me think about it today is Thursday the same day Ive been going on my runs for the last two months. Hmm this is a tough one. What do you think?"

"Well I was just thinking since Richard can't go on runs with you anymore maybe I could go."

Richard and I always went on the runs together but two weeks ago we were at camp and he was being a douche so I got mad and shot him.

"I can handle it myself." I say harshly.

I turn around and head over to my motorcycle I grab the keys out of my pocket.

"Hey! Chad, Lindsey did I give you permission to sit right next to my bike? No so get away from it."

I hop on and start it up and head out.

I stop at a restaurant. The door is locked and I can hear deceased inside. I break the glass and unlock the door and take a few steps back.

The deceased come out. I pull my katana out and slice their head off. I head inside and head around to the kitchen.

After about ten minutes looking for food I find nothing. And I don't like the still moist blood of the deceased I just killed mixing with my sweat and falling down my face and having to wipe it off before it gets in my mouth.

I head back out side and hop on my bike but then I hear a scream and I pull out my gun and scan the area with my eyes. It looks just as deserted as it did when I showed up. Most be coming from the trees. Oh well that's not my problem.

I start up the bike.

"Wait!" Someone behind me screams.

I turn around and see a man probably in his late thirties and a boy probably around fifteen in his arms.

"Please. Help us."

I hop off my bike and walk towards them cautiously once I get close enough I grab the needle from my pockets and inject the older man he then collapses.

I look over the boy no bites. But that doesn't necessarily mean anything. I bring my bike over and sit down and search them for weapons then tie them up. And wait for them to get up.

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