Chapter 1

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Alicia Clark.

Well that's just great first me and my family have to up and leave California because of the infected and had to stay on the Abigail (a boat) then Strand (Owner of the Abigail) took us to Mexico and now we are having to leave again and on top of that my brother Nick wouldn't get in the stupid truck and leave with us and my mom's (Madison) boyfriend Travis left a couple of hours ago to go try and find his son Chris so we don't know where they are and my friend Ofelia's dad is somewhere in the burning building behind us.

We're in a red truck. Strand is driving us out of the gate of the house we were staying in the past couple of days. My mother is sitting in the passenger side. She has her eyes on the side view mirror looking back at the burning house tears streaming down her face. Me and Ofelia are sitting in the back of the truck. Ofelia has her head on my shoulder and is sobbing her eyes out.

The next day the sound of a infected wakes me. I sit up and look over the side of the truck Strand is all ready on it. Strand takes a shovel out of the Truck and hits the infected in the head until it drops.

Ofelia is laying next to me her face stained with tears.

My mom is up she is sitting in the passenger seat still just looking out the window.

About a half hour later Ofelia gets up and we hop out of the back of truck. We walk over to Strand and my mom. They just look at us.

"So what's the plan now?" I ask.

"I say we should start looking for Travis,Chris and Nick." My mom says.

"We need to take Procedures, Madison. We can't just go running off looking for them we need to make a plan we need supplies." Strand says.

My mom looks away. I know that she want to go out and look for them right away.

"You say we need a plan fine. Me and Madison can go and look for them. Strand you and Alicia can look for supplies." Ofelia says.

"Fine. We go on the runs tomorrow. Let's get some rest for today." Strand says.

"But we still have plenty of daily light and every Second we spend sitting around here they're getting farther away from us and-"

"Madison!" Strand yells.

She lets out a deep breath and hops back in the truck.

I hop back in the back of the truck let out a deep breath and then close my eyes.

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