Chapter 15         

“I’m not a Werewolf,” I said, narrowing my eyes at him.

“Yeah, that’s clear enough.”

“What is that supposed to mean?” I snapped.

“If you were a Wolf in my pack, you wouldn’t be speaking to me like that,” he replied.  

“You are such a jerk,” I said, shaking my head, and walking away from him.

I started rummaging through my closet, searching for clothes to shower. I needed to relax, and the more time I spent with Layton, the more we would argue.

“I’m going to shower. When I come back, you better be gone.”

I walked into the bathroom, without waiting to hear his response, not that he bothered to speak.

My shower ended faster than I’d like. I wanted to stay in there for a long time, but although the water was relaxing, all of my thoughts kept drifting back to Layton.

He didn’t leave. I waited and waited for him to go, but I felt his presence in my room. I made more time by brushing my hair and then my teeth.

When I finally came out of the bathroom, Layton was still there, sitting down in my couch. I rolled my eyes at him, but ignored him otherwise.

After flicking off the lights, I got into bed.

It was hard to find sleep while he was in the room. He didn’t talk or move from the spot in the couch, but I could feel his stare on me.

A part of me, a very small part, wanted him next to me. After how he behaved earlier, I wasn’t going to ask him to join me. If he left, he’d just make it easier for both of us.

I would be able to find some peace. I kept debating on whether I wanted him in the room, in my bed, or simply gone.

About ten minutes later, I heard his footsteps crossing the room. I didn’t turn to face him, but I heard him shedding his clothes. He set them aside and slowly got into bed with me.

I smiled, only because I knew he couldn’t see my face.

I guessed that inwardly, despite his attitude, I would rather have him next to me than gone.

He slipped his arm under the cover and placed his hand firmly on my waist. With swift movements, he moved me so that I was pressed against his chest.

“I’m sorry,” Layton apologized, leaving a small kiss just below my earlobe.

“For what?” I asked, although it was more to tease him.

It was too hard to be mad at him when he had calmed down.

“For being a jerk?” He said, sounding unsure.

I turned over so that I was facing him. His features softened when he caught a glimpse of my lips, which were spread into a smile.

“You are a jerk,” I told him.

“I know,” he said.

I was surprised, but didn’t pull away when he leaned towards me. It seemed like he was going to kiss me, but he nuzzled his nose against mine instead. While I smiled at him, he chuckled huskily and tickled my sides.

“Stop,” I said in between giggles.

“You really want me to stop?” He asked, nestling his head in my neck.

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