You're sick

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I came home feeling like crap. Gerald looked up from his phone and became worried." Are you ok baby?" I shook my head," I feel like crap." His eyebrows stitched together as he stood up walking over to me.

G picked me up bridal style carrying me to put bed then carefully lied me down. I coughed then looked at him," I'm ok love." G became more worried than he already was," You are not ok sweetie. Get some rest."

I nodded before closing my eyes, I felt the bed go down and warm arms wrap around my waist and a pair of lips kiss my forehead. I turned my body around to face him then snuggled my face into his chest. Gerald stroked my hair then kissed my cheek.

I smiled," I love you G." "I love you too baby girl." Gerald rubbed circles with his thumb into my waist. His hand moved down to my butt and he gave it a light squeeze.

I slightly gasped then looked up at him. Gerald smirked then whispered in my ear," Go to sleep now babe." I closed my eyes and slept for a while.

(Btw it's going to become a smut)

~~a week and a half later~~

I felt much better, I was lying in bed until Gerald came in the room. He looked horny and slightly drunk ⬇⬇⬇

"Sweets, did you drink again?" I asked sitting up but he jumped on top of me

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"Sweets, did you drink again?" I asked sitting up but he jumped on top of me. He smashed his lips to mine, kissing me roughly. G forced his tongue into my mouth then explored. I moaned against his mouth.

After a while, he pulled back. Gerald started to take off my clothes, then he started to thrust me. He took my panties off and took his boxers off, I looked at his member, damn that's gonna hurt like a bitch when he goes inside me.

He gently spread my legs apart then looked up at me for acceptance. I nodded then he slowly put himself inside of me. I winced then he whispered in my ear," It's ok baby girl, the pain will go soon."

I bit my lips in pain when he started to move. His member slipped in and out slowly. Soon the pain left and pleasure came, I moaned," Faster." He started to slide in and out faster." F-faster please." He went much faster, now we were both moaning.

We finally climaxed, he fell to my side. I held his hand panting, then looked at him. He pecked my lips before sucking on my neck, leaving a hickey or two in my neck. I moaned," I love you Gerald." "I love you too (y/n)." He smiled.

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