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This is the first edition of the edited version of Chapter One. The final edition of Painful Rejection will be published as an eBook. I want to thank all of my fans and readers who have been patient and helpful during this book and I promise that much more is to come of Harmony and her friend's adventure! (Can we talk about the fact that this book is four years old?!)

- Erica G.


Chapter One

The Twist In Our Fate

I walked into Midvalley High school as I did every morning with a coffee in one hand while the other was occupied by texting my best and seemingly only friend, Michael Winston, on my beaten cell phone. Since I hit middle school, I didn't have many I could call a friend until I met him in an online chat room about a year ago in which we became instant friends. We shared mutual interests in many things and have much more in common than I had first expected but it was an enormous stroke of luck that I would find he was much more like me than I could have ever hoped for.

As a small smile danced gently on my lips at the memories, my drifting thoughts were interrupted by someone smacking roughly into my shoulder sending my coffee flying from my grasp and my bag sliding to the floor. In my shock, my poor reflex stopped me from preventing my bag from landing in an explosion of papers and books. Myanger briefly flared up as I looked over my shoulder to see who had been the cause expecting them to be long gone but shrunk back when seeing the perpetrator being a couple of girls strolling away laughing amongst themselves. I gave a soft sigh and finished my text to Michael with a common:Ugh! Another bag explosion. Once the text was sent, I slipped my phone into my back pocket of mybaggy jeans and kneeled down to collect my scattered belongings. The snickers of passing students could hardly be ignored, causing my cheeks to burn bright with shame.

Once I finished gathering my things, I took a moment to calm my anxiety until my pocket vibrated from Michael's reply.

You shouldn't have to put up with them, Mony. My offer still stands.

I bite my lip lightly as I read over his text. The offer he referred to was his offer to have me "ditch" my current home to live with him. I continued down the hall clenching the strap of my bag over my shoulder tightly as my thumb hovered over the keyboard on myphone, sighing when no words came to me. I glanced up as I approached my locker and froze in mytracks at the sight of my locker neighbor, Marissa being pinned against the lockers by a tall, firmly built male that I could only assume was her boyfriend Archer Haven.

Where do I even begin to describe Archer Haven? Your stereotypical Mr. Popularity of Midvalley High would probably be the best way. He stood tall and fierce with thick brown hair and nicely tanned skin, evidence of his dedication to his firmly toned muscles. Handsome, charming, terrific body and a status to give him the world with one simple command, he's also my mate. But that fact aside, Archer and Marissa are you cliche desirable jock and attractive cheerleader couple. It's sad that the stereotype still lives on even if most aren't even sure if they truly like one another or if it just seems to make sense that they date. Either way, they deserve one another even if it can get irritating that they choose to have daily make out sessions each and every morning against my locker. Just as they happen to be doing now.

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