Chapter Fifteen

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Chapter Fifteen

He moved his face back almost as quickly as he moved it forward and his fingers took over. They moved against my bundle of nerves and teased my entrance. I was almost about to beg him to slide them in but refused to give him the satisfaction of making me beg so soon into this.

I didn't think the teasing would result in this, but I wasn't complaining. I was going to enjoy it, each and every second.

His fingers finally plunged in and I arched my back. I swear I've moaned more today than with my last two partners combined, times ten. His fingers worked against me in all the right ways, way that he was learning very quickly would set me over the edge soon.

I don't know how I'm not tired of it all by now. He could do the same exact things five times in a row and it wouldn't get boring, it would just get better each time.

He pressed a bit harder on my most sensitive area and the pleasure spiked he rubbed more and my hands gripped the sheets while I tried to steady my breathing, but I just couldn't calm myself down. No matter how hard I tried not to, I let out a moan as I came he used his other hand to slide his fingers into me and rubbed my g spot and it just went on and on.

With his fingers working relentlessly against me, I came again, but harder this time. I was panting for air at this point and he just wasn't letting up. He was on a mission and He was going to reach it. I said three and he's already done two. Damn I hated to loose but it was also a win for me.

"Third of the way there, Brylee" he taunted and I riled him up a bit more.

"Luck." I tilted my head to the side, lie. That was pure skill.

I barley go time to recover before his mouth was back on my very sensitive core. I tried to move away from him, but his hands came down and pulled my body back to his mouth and held me there, but I kept struggling.

"Fuck it" he told me and he moved and I felt relief that I got more of a break, than he looked under my bed and came back up with handcuffs. I quickly shook my head, I should have sat still.

He moved up to me and I moved my hands away from him. I put up a fight when he went to grab my wrists. He slapped the cuff on it and tightened it and I put the other one under me. I knew at this point her would win but the longer I kept it away the longer he couldn't touch me, and then my body wouldn't be so bad.

He flipped me onto my back and instead of putting me back on my back he handcuffed me to the bed like that and gave me a smack on the ass.

"Behave" he warned but I struggled still. His mouth honed back in on my core and I moaned this time, It wasn't so bad this time and I rocked back on his as he licked and sucked and nibbled.

He was rougher with me this time, probable because I irritated him before, and I could see this one biting me in the ass soon.

I barley was able to brace myself with how I was settled and it got even harder when there was a tightening in my stomach. Breathe Brylee, breath. I kept telling myself. It bought me a bit of time but I screamed out in part frustration and part pleasure when he made me come again.

This was three and it was too much. I couldn't handle three more times. It was going to kill me. I pulled at my cuffs but I couldn't figure out a way out of it. I didn't know what to do but I knew I wouldn't stand another three times.

"Okay Chase, you proved your point. You're amazing, you're way better than not bad. You win" I told him and he chuckled against my core.

"Oh baby, you're not going to get away from me that easy. I told you six and you'll be lucky if I stop at six." Fuck no! he's not going to stop at six! He needs to stop now!

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