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So Out of Love

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"So Out of Love"

A Song by Stephen A. Schrum

You hardened your heart against the world

And so you turned your face from me

You took a step back to find more space

And so you stepped from my embrace

During our last conversation

I said I would always be here

But then you vanished without a trace

My memory fades of the smile on your face


Out of my field of vision

You are also out of my sight

And as they say, out of mind

And I'm so out of love

(And I'm so out of love)

Assured that the path stays open

You'd find your way back to my kiss

And so I set the butterfly free

Hoping you'd flutter back to me.


The saying goes, "time heals all wounds"

Though still we desire the pain

But even as time flows away

Soulmate destiny gone astray

You were my inspiration

For you I composed many songs

Your leaving has extinguished that fire

One dying ember left, this to inspire


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