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Prankster's P.O.V

Today was the day of prom and to say I was excited was an understatement; I couldn't wait to get payback on Baxter and Eve. This morning me and Bad Boy made sure our outfits fitted, we then paid someone on the prom committee to rig the votes so Baxter and Eve won and we also made the committee put a bucket of fish guts above where they both would dance. We then got footage of Eve and Baxter making out in the science lab and put it in the DVD player ready to play. Then we paid the mascot to egg them both and the plan was going amazing so far, I couldn't wait to see how it would turn out.

I had just showered and curled my hair loosely before doing my makeup which consisted of bronze eye shadows and a light blush. I then put on my dress which had small gems at the top along with a pair of black shoes and I had to admit I felt quite pretty for once and I hope that in a way Bad Boy thought the same.

"Honey Baxter is waiting at the door for you!" My mother called as I went downstairs to see Baxter in his casual black and white tux but Bad Boy looked way better than Baxter did in his tux.

After my mum had took many pictures of me and Baxter which I'd delete later me and Baxter headed to a black limo he rented out and we headed to prom. As soon as we arrived I was greeted by loud booming music and many drunken teenagers who had probably snuck in a lot of strong alcohol or had the spiked punch.

"May I have a dance?" Baxter asked me winking as he took my hand and pulled me indoors to the already packed dance floor.

I had to admit the prom committee did a pretty good job this year, the prom theme was formal but the room was decorated in a black and white sort of fashion and it looked amazing, plus the DJ was really good this year and the food looked pretty decent for once.

After dancing with Baxter awkwardly for ten minutes I heard a girly voice in the background whining and complaining about their dress and guess who it was? Eve.

"Why is she wearing the same dress as me? I look way better in this dress than she does so go make her change!" I heard Eve complain moodily as I smirked to myself and looked up to see Baxter glaring at me but as he noticed I was looking at him he hid his glare and did a fake smile.

"You look way better than her babe, just ignore her" Baxter told me glaring at Eve this time and Eve just stormed off towards the toilets in a tantrum, the bitch deserved that.

As soon as Eve stormed off and Baxter went to get a drink for both of us Bad Boy rushed towards me and passed me a red corsage which he wrapped around my wrist causing my stomach to erupt with butterflies. Bad Boy looked so handsome right now it took me all my willpower not to run up and kiss him.

"Just to let you know you look way better in that dress than she does Prankster. You look stunning; may I have this dance until Baxter gets back?" Bad Boy asked me causing me to nod as he pulled me onto the dance floor just as a lively song came on. 

We danced to it joyfully and occasionally jived but there was still no signs of Baxter so we then danced to a slow song and my heart felt like it was about to explode. I wanted Bad Boy to kiss me so bad but as soon as the slow song ended Bad Boy's uncle came on stage to announce the Prom Queen and Prom King, way to ruin the moment,

"Hello ladies and gentlemen and I hope you're all having a fabulous night so far, you all look lovely tonight and I hope you have a good rest of the night. Anyways before you all start dancing again I want to announce to you your 2016 prom king and queen. May I present to you your new Prom Queen and Prom King...Mr Baxter Temple and Miss Eve Wilson?" Mr Colin announced as Eve and Baxter came out of the crowd and walked onto the stage where they both took their crowns.

After Baxter and Eve thanked everyone in the most fake way possible they headed to the dance floor where they started dancing to a slow song I didn't know the name of and as they danced me and Bad Boy stood there smirking. The bucket of fish guts and vinegar was about to fall in 3...2...1...BOOM.

I watched the spot above Eve and Baxter and all of a sudden a gooey brown mixture fell from the ceiling tumbling down at full speed before splatting all over Eve and Baxter who both stood there motionless as they both started yelling and screaming whilst all the bystanders laughed their heads off and got their cameras out, I felt so victorious right now, everything was going to plan .

The next thing that happened is the projector started flashing and on screen came a video of Baxter and Eve making out on the floor in the science labs surrounded by chemicals and frogs which would've been knocked over during their heavy make out session.

The video on screen earned gasps and sounds of disgust from people around me and sincere looks were sent my way but instead of being sad I smiled and rushed up to the stage with Bad Boy and took a microphone as I looked at all the beady eyes in front of me.

"As you can see we have Eve and Baxter the two cheats who thought it would be funny to go behind our backs to cheat on us. Usually I would let this go but since I'm a bit of a Prankster I didn't want to let them get away with this too easily. Baxter you're now single because you have been DUMPED. So I hope you're having a great night so far guys and as you can see me and Bad Boy look so much cooler and may I add attractive in our outfits than you two do right now, if I were you I'd go home for a shower!" I yelled at them both waving and smiling getting cheers from the crowd.

"I better make this quick because my uncle is on his way up here but next time guys don't cheat and don't be complete asses in your next relationships okay? Also you two deserve each other and Eve we are now broken up, have a good rest of your night everyone!" Bad Boy announced before dropping the microphone as both Baxter and Eve stormed out the prom hall but this earned more laughs as they were chased by the mascot who had a massive punnet of eggs in both of his  hands.

"What do we do now since your uncle is like ten seconds away?" I asked Bad Boy frozen on the spot.

"We run and we hide!" Baxter shouted as we both started running as fast as our legs would take us, tonight was one heck of a night and this was only the start of it, there was still so much more of this night left.


There will be a second part to this chapter which you are yet to see but let me know what you think of this chapter and votes and comments will be appreciated. The picture attached is of Prankster in her prom dress and this is dedicated to daisiefaith182  for her lovely comment that made my day! Also sorry this is a longer chapter but a lot was going on and there is only 2 chapters of this book left and an epilogue!

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