Tribal Queen

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She was praying to her most illustrious ancestress.

The Fire-Breather was afield and not just harrowing the upland villages.

Luenza intoned her propitiations to Launesis:

"Forgive me for my indiscretions...

"Give me the fortitude to argue my husband into action...


Luenza saw the spirit rise and float before her.


Agwen sat on his throne and spoke with authority to his priests:

"Say all the prayers you wish but say them elsewhere!

"The Fire-Breather has never come here. He stays to the uplands and we can well afford a few roasted villagers to appease his fury..."

Luenza entered the chamber.

She was accompanied by the glow of her ancestress.

She said:

"Hear me, Agwen, most alluring husband, the Fire-Breather is roaming closer. You must mount a defense that---"

"Luenza! How do you know what you say? Is it from your fears? I will not mount a defense without proof. But, I will mount you if it will calm your agitation."

"I speak with Proof!"

She was more than full with the spirit of Launesis---she projected it toward Agwen.

He shouted, "Priests be gone!", and they stumbled over each other in their departure.

Then, he said:

"Sweet Luenza. I feel your "Proof"..."

"Do more than feel, my King, act!"

"I feel your certainty and sense the habitation within you of what you call a Spirit but that does not constitute a plan of action..."

"Will you hear what Launesis says?"

"I will, if it will calm you..."

"Call up your mounted warriors and command them to encircle these chambers. The Fire-Breather is coming for you alone..."

"And what business does this monster have with me? He has always feasted on the villagers of the uplands. Why defend here and why only me?"

"I tell you what Launesis says. Perhaps you have incurred the wrath of other Spirits..."

"I answer to no Spirits! The Fire-Breather will cavort in the uplands and I will be here after, willing to forgive you for your excessive faith in what you believe your ancestress knows."


The Records are accurate.

The Fire-Breather consumed Agwen and never appeared again.

Luenza became the first female ruler of all the tribal peoples...


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