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Warning: may contain some not so cute content

  If it wasn't for those long agitating weeks I would've just ignored my feelings. Keep them locked up and never pour them out. Now I was hurt those past weeks and I didn't want to fix myself. I didn't want to speak to anyone, nor did I want to see him.

  Although my mind was set, my heart was on a different path. Alpha was on my mind since I found out he was in danger. The thought that I won't get to see him was excruciatingly painful. To never get to actually tell him How I feel. No. I had to do something even though he was a idiot. I knew one thing for certain, I cared deeply for him and I don't want to loose him. Ever. That's why I acted like that.

  I wanted him so badly, like the need for air. I wanted him in my arms hugging me tightly.  To know that He's here and will always be with me. To see him smile, and laugh. To have his hypnotizing scent all over me. Yeah, I have it bad. I just wish I knew if he felt the same way.

  It was during the second week, one week after he became my mate, That things got horrible. Stalkers, messages, threats, and finally my mate gone missing. I wanted to tear the piece of Shit that touched him. Reviving that day made my blood boil and my posture shake tremendously.

  I wanted to kill someone that day and he was not making it easier. How dare he take my mate. I mean ok I forgot to tell him but really? Kidnapping him because I didn't say hi. Really?!

  I was filled with rage and hostility. Who is he anyway?  How does he know Alpha James? Do they know each other? Where they friends? All these questions in my head. All I know is that Things completely changed during that one day.


  I reached forward until I felt his warm inviting lips. Sighing when I felt the familiar set if Pink lips. His hands glided down my curves and settling on my hips. Squeezing them, he pulled me closer to his warm body while our lips moved in sync. Letting him have dominance I reached forward and placed both hands on either side of his neck.

  Thinking of living without his kisses would kill me. I know I wouldn't last but hey, would live without your true love?

  His tongue glided over my bottom lip, asking for entrance. I denied knowing that I wouldn't stop what happened after. I pulled away from him and controlled my heavy breathing. Who knew he could do this to me.

“Are you saying you could seduce me?" He questioned.

I smiled and chuckled silently, “Yes I can."

He raised an eyebrow and lifted half of his lips in a crooked smile.

“I don't think you'll succeeded."

“Oh really?"

“Yes," he said.

  I wanted to prove a point so I closed the distance. My hands fell on his defined chest while my lips rested on his jugular. My hands slipped under his shirt, tracing his chest. A soft moan came out of his lips. Hah who said I couldn't do this. His hands finally gripped the side of my head and made me look at him.


“Why not?" I asked, “You obviously think I can't do it." My eyes twinkling with mischief.

He groaned with annoyance and connected our lips for the third Time.


                 2 weeks ago

“Where is he?"

“Now, Now I don't like being demanded do I? "

“Where. Is. He." My blood is rapidly flowing and my canines are slowly showing. Where's James? What did he do to him?

  “What do you want with him anyway?" One of my fighters said.

“He stole something special from me. All I have to do is return the favor." He said all that while looking at me. I growl left my muzzle and before I knew I leaped forward knocking the rusty brown wolf on the wet ground. Not long after the others joined in.

“You bastard!"

I landed on top of him and snapped at his neck. He kicked me off with his hind legs landing only meters apart, I stood you ready to go at him again until the words came out of mouth, well mind.

“You wouldn't do that would you? After all Your precious mate will receive punishment."

  I didn't listen to word he said so I went running towards him. I stopped midway until I felt a burning sensation in my stomach. I twisted and clenched my muscles.

‘Scarlet.' His faint voice said.

‘James.' I said.



  I lifted my head and howled again. I needed him And I didn't want him gone anymore.

  Next thing I know I was hit from the side and darkness engulfed my senses.

“Scarlet." I heard once more.

“James, I will. " The last words I said until I couldn't move or remember my surroundings.



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