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Since I've already written One Direction Facts, I'll write facts on Little Mix since people say that they're the female version of 1D and because Zayn is engaged to Perrie. I hope you all like it!

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1. Jesey described their new album as a step up, more RnB, more mature and more vocal harmonies!

2. Perrie can yodel!

3. The girls had to record some weird sounds for their album, Jesey had to record her baby cry!

4. One of the girls best memories in the studio was hearing the Wings instrumental for the first time!

5. The girls have written more songs for this album than the last album!

6. Perrie is going to have her band mates as her bridesmaids at her and Zayn's wedding!

7. Simon Cowell believes that they should be bigger than Spice Girls!

8. It is rumored that the line 'I think I should press delete and clear my history' is about Perrie's porn addiction!

9. Change your life was one of the first songs the girls wrote!

10. Leigh-Anne was bullied when she was younger!

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