I Fell In Love With The Werewolf That Saved Me ( Chpt. 2)

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Kayla's POV

I was having the worst night ever. I was in an alley that was a shortcut to my house when I looked up to see a guy walking to me. I started to run and scream but he was caught up to me in no time. He grabbed my dress and threw me into the alley wall. I screamed then he was thrown off of me. I looked up to see a big beautiful wolf right on top of the guy tearing him to shreds. " AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH!!"

The wolf looked up and I fainted.

Unknown Were wolf guys POV

As I looked back at the girl she screamed. I shifted to my human form and caught her before she fell to the ground. She was wearing a magnificent white dress and she had black hair with blonde streaks in it. While I was admiring her beauty I sensed someone behind me. I whipped around and I saw my father. He saw that I had one of the last snow wolves. One hundred years ago there were thousands that were fighting in the war. I was to keep her safe at my house while my pack destroys the black wolves that are trying kill her. She could destroy them all with her powers and they would be forgotten. S they were trying to catch her when she was human so she couldn't fight back. As I take her home she starts to stir. Then she see's me. Before I could react she jumped out of my arms and ran to a house. While she was running she yelled behinde her back saying " Stay away from me!" By the time she was in her house, I was in her room. That's when I saw big beautiful drawings all over her walls. They were of wolves howling at the moon. Then she ran into her room.

Kayla's POV

As I ran in my room I screamed. He was there. In my room looking at my drawings. When I screamed he saw me. I grabbed my knife and pointed it at him. He raised his arms and surrendered. Then right in front of my eyes he popped into a big silver wolf. He turned back into a human and asked " Are you okay?" I dropped the knife. I was frozen from fear. " Are you okay Kayla?" " H-H-How d-do y-y-you k-k-know my n-n-n-n-name?" I was shocked that he knew my name. He said "Well all of the werewolves know your name. That's why I have came to get you." "Came to get me?" "Yes came to get you because the black wolf clan is coming to kill you. If you get bitten by one of us you will remain pure and destroy the black wolf clan. But if you go with them they will kill you." I was scared. I didn't know what to do. Then I said something I never knew I would say. " Ok I will go with you." Surprise flitted across his face. Then I said " But on one condition, My sister comes to." Anger suddenly flitted across his face. "Okay but you have to take care of her." " I always take care of her. She probly doesn't even know who her parents are because there always drunk or hyped up on drugs." Then suddenly Sympathy washed all traces of anger from his face.

Unknown Werewolf's POV

As she explained her life to me I felt sympathy towards her. She had to take care of herself and her baby sister. Just then crying broke out from the other room. She said " Hold on." and she ran into the other room. She came back in holding a baby with black curls. I was gaping at her. Then she sat the baby on her bed and started packing her stuff. She only packed a few changes of cloths and some of her sisters cloths. I walked into the kitchen and looked at a picture on the fridge. It was of a big silver wolf howling to the moon. I was in a trance. I stared at it and sensed someone behind me again. I turned around and spotted her standing there. She was holding drawing stuff and she was sketching something. I walked over to her and she looked up and smiled. Then I smiled and said "What are you drawing there Kayla?" "I'm drawing a wolf. There my favorite animal." I was shocked to see her talking to me about wolves when I am one. I looked over her shoulder and saw a great big silver wolf head with a full moon behind it's head. "Ever since I was a little girl I have been obsessed with wolves. Every night I'd draw a new picture and every night my father would get up and smack me because he was drunk. That's where I got this scar from." I looked at the scar he was pointing to it was right above her elbow. I said " He did this to you? What made him do it?" Then she answered " My mom was egging him on. She was hyped up on drugs a little more than usual and my father hated me. He took that same knife that was in my room and stabbed me with it. I have another scar from that to." I was outraged that someone would hurt this beautiful young girl. She was pointing to a spot on her chest. Right above her collar bone was a scar that was 3 inches wide and 1 inch tall.

Kayla's POV

I was telling him about my life when anger sprouted across his face when I told him of the horrific night where my dad stabbed me. I heard my sister crying and said " I think we should go. I really don't want to get caught by the Black clan." "Oh okay. I'll get the bags and you get your sister." I got my sister and when I heard a thump I rushed out my door. There he was sitting on the floor with the bags on top of him. I started laughing real loud. We got everything outside and he went and got a car that he found. We got in the car with my sister in the back and me in the front with him.

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