Chapter 26

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I go inside and find him sitting on his bed, with two three-books sprawled open. I smile lightly and sit on the bed. He hands out a gummy bear to me and I take it instantly.

"So its this trigo problem bothering you?" He confirms and I nod.

"Yeah. I can't figure out how to prove this one." I say puzzled.

"Well. You don't have to worry Sammy because you are gonna learn from the best." He says proudly and I smirk.

"Really? Is someone else coming here to teach me? I don't see any best people here." I retaliate and  his face falls slightly.

"That's your jealousy speaking Sammy." He says lamely and I smile smugly.

"Whatever what you want to believe." I say in a sing song voice. I am relieved that there is no awkwardness between us.

"Do you want to know the solution or no?" He asks, folding his arms and leaning back in an I-am-the-boss-here kind of way.

"Of course I do!" I narrow my eyes at him and just then Della enters with chocolate milkshake and some chips for us. I thank her and Xavier dives into the food tray immediately.

"Behave Xavier." Della says as she closes the door behind her.

"Behave Xavier." I tease him as he looks up at me, popping a handful of chips in his mouth.

"Sure Sammy." He says and empties the entire bowl of chips on my head. I scowl at him as he laughs and grab as many crumbled chips as I can and throw at him. He dodges and picks up another handful and shoves them towards me. We play our chip game till the chips get crumbled to the point that we can't pick them up.

"Lets study now.. I need to go to home." I say, slightly out of breath with all the laughing and fighting. He nods and finally after 10 minutes I understand the solution. He  explains me a couple of other similar sums and I thank him as I leave his room. I offer to clean up the mess we made but he refuses, boasting about how he can manage to do anything.

The rest of the day passes by normally and as the night falls, I prepare my stuff for the next day. As I get into my bed, a note lands in my room and I pick it up.

'You owe me for today.'

I smile as I read it and immediately write back a reply.

'Friends don't owe..Friends don't repay.' I quote Moira Young and throw the note into his room. I am surprised how better my aim is getting at this. I wait for his next note, I can't help but laugh as I realize that we could easily draw out the curtains fully and talk face to face with each other. But we still do this. And I have no idea why. His note drops in and I read it immediately.

'You're mean.' I smile as I read this.

'You finally realized that now.' 

'I'm serious. *huffs*' I laugh out at this one and write back.

'Okay. How do I repay you?'

'Now you're talking. I'll let you know when I need something. Good night Sammy.' I pick up all the notes and put them in the trash and head to bed.

                   I arrive in the school feeling a new buzz of talk everywhere. I walk to the English class and find my best girls already seated. I sit beside Bella and Carly turns around to talk to me.

"Hey whats all this excitement about?" I question and Bella answers excitedly.

"Its the 25th founder's day of our school and that is why there is a masquerade ball. I can't wait for it. Its on Friday so we have four days until we can shop, decide our make up and hairstyles and then rock the party as we arrive and charm all the boys." Bella says almost jumping in her seats. A founder's ball sounds amazing but I don't know if I will really attend it. I am into parties and all this dressing up stuff is too much to handle.

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