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Prankster's P.O.V

I walked with Bad Boy towards another empty classroom with a blush on my face still as I remembered the drawing he did of me, it was so amazing and detailed I never knew he could draw.

"So what's your plan?" I asked Bad Boy smirking as I thought of the prank we could pull on Eve and Baxter.

"So I just remembered that its prom tomorrow and I need to buy an outfit so how about at prom we prank Eve and Baxter and give them a real night to remember!" Bad Boy told me smirking that was exactly what I thinking, I swear he is telepathic or something.

"I was thinking that too, how about I go in the same dress as Eve and you go in the same suit as Baxter just to embarrass them both" I told him smirking as I thought of how annoyed Eve would get, if there is one thing she hates it is wearing the same thing as someone else, she hates sharing attention.

"Great idea, then we can rig the vote system so Baxter and Eve have their prom King and Queen dance together and we can make sure that before the dance we put a bucket full of fish guts and vinegar above where they will dance so they get drenched and stinky!" Bad Boy told me causing me to nod in agreement.

"Yep, then we can broadcast them making out on the big TV screen for everyone to see and then we can go on stage and take a microphone each and tell them both that they've been dumped in front of everyone!" I told Bad Boy wanting to humiliate Baxter; I bet after school he had been too busy with Eve to message me, that little bastard.

"Then as a finale when Eve and Baxter run out of the room in embarrassment we can get the school mascot to chase them out whilst throwing eggs at them since the mascot is always up for a laugh and then we can pay someone to slash their tyres!" Bad Boy told me smirking as we both fist bumped, as horrid as this prank seemed it sounded legendary and was a great prank for our last year of school no matter what the consequences.

"How about we go and buy our prom outfits and sort out the prank?" I asked Bad Boy as we both smirked at each other before heading towards his car; tomorrow was going to be legendary.


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