Away with you

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Youngjae and Junhong made their way out of the underground, feeling as though they'd only get even more suffocated in there than anywhere else.
As they got out, they were greeted with a ray of sunlight, birds peacefully chirping as if that underground was not some sort of torture house and everything was all peachy. It kinda sucked. Having felt like the world was mocking them with how the serenity and peacefulness of the secluded field never seemed to change amidst the number of deaths it held, DESPITE the number of deaths held.

Junhong took Youngjae's hand in his. After being alone for so long, it was kind of nice to have someone be there for him even though someone being there in that kind of state was a horrible and terrible thing, might he remind you the number of things they had to go through before becoming like that- like nobodies but the consciences and wills of the hosts they once had lived in. Ghosts, if you want to take it bluntly.

"Junhong... You said something about another person named Yongguk? Where's he?"

Junhong showed him a slight grimace, letting go of Youngjae's hand when he realized how unthoughtful it was to hold it without Youngjae's consent.

"It's hard to see Yongguk hyung. I've only met him around 10 times for the past four years I've been roaming around."

Youngjae sat down beneath the shade of a tall and sturdy oak tree. It's so weird to still be able to feel temperatures or pain whenever he tires himself out. It must have something to do with being present in this place, this realm. He didn't understand much, still is a bit confused per say, nonetheless he has an inkling that Junhong might be able to help him. But first, he needed to fill his curiosity about the other children like them.

"Why do you only meet so less?"

Junhong sighs as he settles himself beside Youngjae.
The latter was a curios one indeed.

"See this oak tree?" Junhong loudly declared as he patted the tree's trunk.

"I'd only meet Yongguk hyung here."

Youngjae looked at Junhong towering over him, bringing his knees to his chest as he wondered off why.

" Yongguk hyung wanders a lot so I can never be too sure when I'll get to meet him again."

Youngjae urged him to carry on explaining, else it wouldn't add up.

"He wanders because he's looking for a ball.
It's sad when I think about what he always tells me whenever we'd meet up." Junhong crouched down, following Youngjae's gesture and finding it rather nice.

"He'd always tell me he wouldn't rest till he'd found that ball."

"Why is it so important?"

Junhong brought his head to rest on his open palm, his gaze on the tall grass that basically made up the field.

"It wasn't his ball. On our first meeting he'd explain that that ball apparently wasn't his. It was his twin brother's. They got into an argument because of it, because Yongguk had lost it when he played with it without his brother's permission. His brother had refused to talk to him because of that so he went out to find the ball on his own. I guess you know what happened at that point."

"Himchan huh?.."
Youngjae suddenly felt heavy the moment Junhong had confirmed his assumption with a nod. Just how monstrous and evil was Himchan? Why was he doing all of this? That was the biggest question Youngjae's ever been faced with in his entire life. A question he couldn't solve no matter how much thinking he's going to be doing.

"I wasn't here yet when it happened to Yongguk hyung.. so I'm guessing he was the first victim, seeing nobody else around."
Youngjae nodded, eyes empty and half-lidded.

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