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Seeing Yoongi walk towards her direction, her heart immediately starts running. She clutches her bag and continues to walk up the stairs. 

She feels his arm slightly brush against hers and just that little skinship is enough to make her squeal out loud and explode. She's not gonna lie. Yes, she was expecting him to smile at her at least. 

What am I saying? It was always like this. I doubt he even knows my name.

Running into her classroom in delight, she pulls the confused Hoseok into a bear hug. 

"I'm so happy!" She squeals into his shoulder. Once she pulls away, Hoseok's judging face greets her back. 

"Aren't you happy that your seatmate is happy?" She pouts, sitting down in her seat. 

"So weird." He comments, still giving her that look.

She's about to reply how she's not as weird as Taehyung but she spots Jimin walking into the room backwards as Yoongi follows him inside with his hands in his pockets while listening to Jimin's continuous blabbering. 

How can he be so cool?

They walk towards Jimin's seat as she continues staring at the owner of her heart.

"Hey," She shakes Hoseok's arm. "Why do you never go and talk with them?"

"I do when I feel like it." He answers and suddenly waves at the two guys across the classroom. She follows Hoseok's line of vision and sees Jimin waving happily and Yoongi at the side with a smile on his face.

Always killing me with that smile. 

She quickly lowers her head and starts rummaging through her bag out of shyness.

"Wait." She halts, "Have you seen Jaein this morning?"

"She hasn't come."

Upon hearing that answer, she decides to check Jaein's class. 

"Has Jaein arrived?" She asks one of the girls sitting at the front row. The girl confusedly shakes her head in response and Ina mutters a thank you before turning on her heels.

Walking back to her class, she sees Yoonmin – yes, yoonmin because those two are always together – walking towards her direction. Panicking for no reason at all, she turns around to walk to the opposite direction of them instead.

After taking the long way back to her class, she slumps down into her seat. 

"I'm alone today." 

"Jaein didn't come today?" Hoseok asks, Ina replying with a nod.

"Poor girl." He chuckles and ruffles her hair before continuing to do whatever he was on his phone.

She sits up and her eyes widen when she see Yoongi and Jimin seated across the classroom again.

"I thought they were heading somewhere, when did they arrive?" She asks herself but Hoseok who hears her, answers it.

"They walked in like 45 seconds after you sat down"


The lunch bell rings and everyone scatter out of the classroom except for lonely Ina, who continues to be seated in her seat. Hoseok asked if she wanted to join his friends to eat but that would just result in her being a frozen statue.

Why? Because she would be sitting at the same table as Min Yoongi.

She sighs and takes out her notebook before sketching a picture of Yoongi, despite her unsatisfactory drawing skills. It is deadly quiet in the classroom and hallways since everyone is probably having their lunch but she enjoyed the peace.

Do you know that feeling when you feel like someone is looking at you? Yes? 

Well, Ina suddenly feels that so when she looks up, she was expecting to see someone but definitely not that someone to be Min Yoongi. 


Strangely though, his eyes weren't looking at her but were scanning around the classroom instead; the classroom which is obviously empty. 

Their eyes meet as Ina's brain just decides to stop working and makes her freeze in that position. 

"Do you know where Jimin is?" He questions and she just internally screams and dies after hearing his voice. 

I wasn't ready for this.


"I-I-I don't k-k-know." She stutters.

A lot. 

That didn't go well, Ina.

The corner of his lips tug upwards and she flies up to heaven for the second time. Questions ponder in her head when he walks inside and heads to Jimin's seat.






She continue gaping at him – she's lucky she's not drooling. She sighs and fans myself, flapping her hands and taking a deep breath to calm herself down.

She picks up the pencil and peek at Yoongi from under her bangs. 

Should I walk out or should I continue staying here?

I will walk out. Yes, that's the right decision. I also remember that my secret admirer probably put something in my locker.

After counting up to 30, she speeds out of the classroom and runs to her locker. A smile appears on her lips when she sees the bottle of milk again once she opened her locker.

 A smile appears on her lips when she sees the bottle of milk again once she opened her locker

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Reading the sticky note stuck on it with a smile, 

I noticed that you are not eating since your bestfriend didn't come to school today. Drink this, at least!

She opens the lid and starts gulping down the milk as she walks back to the classroom, assuming Yoongi has already left.

But no.

She almost chokes when she sees Yoongi still seated in the classroom.

After like a minute of gawking, she sits down back in her seat, glancing at Min Yoongi every three seconds --

"You were here all this time?!" Jimin barges in, panting.

Yoongi casually nods with his usual emotionless face. Jimin cranes his neck and turns to look at Ina. He looks at Yoongi again and she notices Jimin smile that smile at him.

That smile where you just look freaking-evil and your-eyes-just-don't-show smile. 

That doesn't even make sense.

Yoongi stands up and makes his way towards Jimin, bumping his shoulder against Jimin's and walks out of the classroom.

what was that smile about

shit does jimin know I like yoongi?

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