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You have gone to visit austin in Miami while he was getting ready for his was just you austin

and Alex and you were sitting in the living room while they were playing video games in his room.

You then decided to go on twitter since you haven't been on see your mentions were

blown up with

(fake twitter names)

@Bridgetmahone74_ "Y/N LOOK AT THIS.I AM SO SORRY !"


Then there was one with an picture attached to it and you opened it to see that it was a picture that

a Mahomie took of austin kissing maddie on the beach while you where home in could feel

the tears form in your eyes but you decided to go confront walked through the hall until

you came upon his room,you opened the door.

A-"hey babe want to play with me and Alex "

You didn't answer.he then turned to you and saw that you had tears forming in your eyes.

A-"is something wrong Y/N"

Y/N-"why would you do that to me ,was I just a game,did you not love me because I know I loved you "

A-"what are you talking about of course I love you Y/N "

Y/N-"stop acting like you don't know,how long were you gonna keep this away from me,that you

kissed maddie on the beach while i was at home"

Anger was now filling your body

A-"let me explain ,it wasn't like that,she kissed me first,I tried taking her away but I couldn't,please forgive"

Y/N-"I am sorry austin but I can't,i have been played to much and i should have known you were one of them. i am leaving back home and you can erase my number

everything that has to do with me and I will do the same,I don't want to know anything about

you anymore,goodbye.... forever"

With that you walked out the door and into a room you where sleeping in and grabbed you suit

case and stuffed it with all your clothing and headed for the door.

A-"Y/N please don't do this, I really love you"

You could hears his voice but just ignored it and walked to the elevator and then the door closed.

Austin's POV:

I lost her for a stupid mistakes caused by someone else.i do love Y/N.i can't let her go.

*back to story*

You got a taxi you called in for and he took you to the Miami where bawling your couldn't believed Austin did this to got onto you flight back home.this is a new

beginning for you.

* I will make a second part to this imagine just wanted to update and thanks for the reads. 5 votes for the second part please*

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