Reunited (Chapter 9)

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Many of them are tending to wounds, many are severe. I sense a great sadness, and I turn and see a boy lying in his own blood, barely unconsious, and a girl crying next to him. She must be his girlfriend by the looks of it. I needed to help. Using my mastered blessing of Apollo, a golden aura radiates from my body. Many demigods stare at me, wondering what I am doing.

I summon all the healing within, years of training finally being used. I expell all the energy out of me, letting out a shout. I was never extremely good at healing, it takes a lot of energy. I fall on my knee for a moment, then I got up, and I see all the injured demigods get up from the ground, not bleeding anymore. They were all healed. Everybody stares at me in shock. I had just beaten a whole army of monsters and healed all their wounded.

Then they start cheering for me.

"Who is that?"
"How did he do that?"

Were a few reponses. Jason and the rest of the heroes walk over to me, some start studying me.

"We thank you for your help, but who are you?" asked everyone.

"I will tell you, but I need to talk with each of you privately for a moment" I reply.

They hesitate for a moment, then nod. The heroes all lead me to the center of camp. Its pretty damaged, but it still functional. I can see the stares the Romans are giving me. I am lead to a enclosed room within the camp, and the heroes sit and look at me questioningly. Jason, Piper, Frank, Leo, Reyna, and Hazel all here. What a reunion.

"Who are you?" Asked Reyna.

"I will tell you soon, but I must get some information first" I state.

"Well, you did do us a huge favor, ask away." said Leo.

"There is a new war upon the world. I need to know if the Romans are willing to help the Greeks." I lie. Well, I did need to know if they would help, but it wasn't my main priority.

Jason sighed "We will help those greeks but we do not wish to. We have to for the sake of the world, but we do not wish to visit Camp Half Blood."

"Why?" I ask

"2 years ago, the gods sent our leader, our friend, probably the greatest demigod to live into Tartarus. I dont know why they thought he would betray us, his flaw was loyalty." Replied Piper. The rest of the heroes nodded solemnly.

"I see. I would like to inform you that Perseus is no longer in Tartarus." I state matter-a-factly.

Their faces jumped hearig that. It was near impossible to survive Tartarus, much less escape it. At first they were skeptical until I showed them Riptide. They managed to put two and two together and realized who I was.

"Percy....?" Piper asked

I lifted up my hood, revealing my face. "Yep, that's me." I smile.

Suddenly everyone tackles me into a hug asking how I was even still alive.
I told them to sit down and I explained everything, my powers, Zoë ,Titans, betrayal, etc. They seemed really ticked off. They all seemed new extremely sad about Zoë, they had knew about her through me. I may have even saw Reyna shed a few tears. Maybe.

"So...what happened while I was gone?" I ask

"A lot. Ever since your exile, we have pretty much abandoned Camp Half blood. We still communicate with Chiron, but we only help if its needed." Replied Jason.

Piper spoke up "We dont like speaking with Jack or Annabeth, its unbearable. Jack always wants to do things the most difficult and stupidest way, and even if he is clearly wrong, Annabeth starts backing him up."

Frank started as well "Yeah, its a dictatorship over there. They no longer listen to their campers, and punish anyone who disobeys them. Some campers really miss you." Hazel nodded.

"Yeah, and nobody makes jokes anymore, I mean, its dark and dreary these days." Leo quipped.

We converse for a while, and I tell them how I will help change Camp Half blood. They sigh in relief, happy that they can have peace. They asked me if I was stll Praetor, and I raise my sleeve, showing them the tattoo.

After the conversation, we head outside, a meeting is held in the center of the camp. Many stare at my face, as if recognizing me from earlier.

The heroes spoke "Today we honor the return of a former Praetor, whom has helped us countless times. He has agreed to repair Camp half blood so peace can reign once more. We shall hold a celebration in honor of this event."

We all smile as we start the party. Its good to be back. Many coke bottles were opened, food fights beginning. Everyone laughing and having a good time. It reminded me of old times, when it was much easier. No Gaea, No tartarus, no primordial junk, back when it was just Kronos. At this point, Kronos would be a walk in the park.

We party until evening, and when the party ends, we clean up. I thank my friends for giving me a time of happiness, very rare these days. We talk for a bit until I have to go. However, before I leave, I am handed a helmet.  I almosst forgot, I brought out some Nemean Lion fur and Axes and gave them to the campers. Judging by what happeed earlier, they will need them. They were surprised at how I collected so many, but didnt complain and thanked me.

"A gift from the Roman gods. See, when you were exiled, some Roman gods such as Mars, Jupiter, Pluto, were saddened of the loss of a great demigod. They have heard of your return and have forged this for you." Jason said as he handed it to me.

It was a nice helmet. It was the helmet of a centurion, made out of Celestial bronze and Imperial Gold I suspect. Extremely durable. I thank Jason and I wave goodbye to the rest of my friends. I will visit them soon, after the war.

I fire warp back home, and I open my door, heading inside. I place the helmet on a shelf, I will use it later, shen the time is right. I go to my bedroom to rest until I hear something banging at my door. Not many monsters can pass through my house barrier. Only people who I know and have allowed in can enter. So either it is an extremely powerful monster, or its a friend. Knowing me, its always a monster.

I grab Riptide and head to the door. The sound...... sounds like hooves. I sigh, must be the minotaur. Again. I open my door, but what I didnt expect was to be tackled by a huge horse with wings licking my face. Blackjack?

"Hi boss"

I sigh "I told you not to call me boss"

"Alright boss, I finally found you after two years. I heard you got outta Tatarus, must have been tough, no sugar cubes."

I chuckle, he is still the same. We talk for a bit, I tell him my part, and he seems pretty impressed and sad about Zoë. Blackjack told me that he was kicked out of Camp by Jack because he would not let him ride him. Mrs. O'Leary was still happy in the underworld, he said that she was busy today, and would visit soon.

I wondered what she would be busy with, I mean she is a hellhound. I summon some sugar cubes and apples for Blackjack who neighs happily. I tell him I will build a stable soon for him, and he agrees. I let him sleep in my spare room, and we call it a night.

I rest my head on my pilow, tomorrow I have to go back to Camp half blood. I wish I didn't, but I have to help those nutcases. I smile at the thought of Jack trying to fight me. If only he knew what had happened.

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