New Life

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       I stared out the window as we drove to my new life. My god-father Damien was seated next to me. I kept tapping my fingers on my knees. Damien was dark-skinned with a full beard on his face that I had never seen him without.

"Alexandra, can you stop your twitching?" My god-father told me. I shot him a look. It was his fault I had to move in the first place. He was making me.

"Don't give me that look." Damien muttered to me. I was glowered at him. My god-father was an older man but you could only see his age in broad daylight. "I have to go back to work."

"You could easily have had someone take your place." I folded my arms against my chest. "Besides, I have another year before I can join you." I started to argue. "If you could-"

"Alexandra." He replied sharply in his thick British accent. I pursued my lips tightly. "Honey, I'm sorry but I have got get back there has been a recent resurgence-"

"Yeah, I got it." I cut him, knowing that I was being disrespectful. He was Senior Slayer and I wasn't even one. My god-father was Damien Drake also known as Uncle Damien when I had been younger. He was now one of the most gifted vampire slayers and in charge of them all. He had taken my parents position when they had died. My dad had been killed when I was five. I was going to be eighteen in a year.

Life was being a jerk to me.

          My parents had been the most talented and powerful vampire slayers and they had been in charge and worked for the Order of Protection and Safety of Mortals. The O.P, for short, was composed of the senior officials from each of the three most important Hunters. The Trackers hunted werewolves, and there were hunters of witches and the occasional ghost and ghoul . They were also called Witchers. Then there were the slayers who hunted vampires. I was a Slayer and had been training my whole life to join the First Order of Slayers. I came from a long line of Slayers, both my parents had came from their own respective powerful representing Houses. My father had been the First Slayer in the Americas. My godfather had been a friend of my fathers and had raised me after they had died. Most of the vampire Slayers had died that night and there weren't many of us left. But the supposed resurgence in vampires had called in my godfather back to work. I hadn't gotten any feelings or intuition about the vampires but Damien had said that was because I didn't have my full blown abilities. It was supposed to occur after when I turned eighteen.

"Damien." I turned to my god-father. He was dressed in his usual black attire with his favorite silver knife dipped in demon blood attached at his waist. "Be careful."

My godfather looked up from his phone and tried to smile.

"We've gone through this." he reached over and patted my head. "Alex, I can't make any promises. This upcoming year you have to train hard. It will only be for one year and you will join me."

"Don't make promises, Damien." I shook my head at him. He had trained me since I had been taken to live with him. "You can't keep them. They couldn't."

"Don't be a moody teenager, Alexandra. You are too old for that." he scolded me gently but there was a smile. "So, I have picked out your team of mentors and the school knows that you are arriving. You'll be representing House Matheson." He was changing the subject so the conversation was over. I hated it when he mentioned my House name. I was the only remaining one.

"How many other slayers are there?" I met his dark eyes, and I couldn't help staring at the old scar on his dark skin.

"Fifty or so." He cleared his throat , lifting his eyes from mine.

"So I'm being sent to a school full of Witchers and Trackers? I'm one of fifty or so Slayers." I wanted to melt in the seat. "Great. Perfect. Kill me." I pointed at my heart. My godfather laughed at me shaking his head.

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