Chapter Two: Let's Read

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Let me just say this right now this may be bad because its about 8 pm and I've been awake since 2 am . I need to continue this story though d... Lets get on with the story. Just to let you guys know I probably screamed and almost gave up on this story because I keep accidently deleting stuff ..... Sorry!!!

(Dan's Pov)

At the moment I was scrolling through tumblur trying to find a fanfiction for Phil and I to read for the video we were gonna film...But so far I haven't found a thing, which is pretty weird since I always see some type of fanfiction when I'm searching through tumblur, for some reason today was different. I also wanted to know why Phil wanted to do this all of a sudden. I always thought that he didn't like to read fanfiction or as some people might know it as phanfiction.

"Damn it, why can't I find anything?", I yelled slightly angry. Out of nowhere I feel a hard tap on my shoulder which brought me out my thoughts, I looked over to my raven haired friend who for some reason looked somewhat annoyed with me ."What did I do now?" I asked looking at Phil with a confused look on my face.

"I've been trying to get your attention for the last few minutes, but since you were lost in thought I'll repeat what I said, I said have you found a fanfiction for us to read to read yet and I also said umm..", Phil then went on to say something else blushing a bit, but he was mumbling so I couldn't really  understand what he ways saying, "What, Phil I couldn't hear you very well"

"I said why don't we act some of it out like Marcus and Tyler did in their video!", He yelled blushing madly but to tell you the truth I was to, tons of images flashed through my mind of what could happen when we are acting out some stuff, which then sent a shiver down my spine making me jump up slightly. "Y-yeah we could do some of that just give me a sign or something if you think we should or shouldn't act something out.", I blush mentally cursing at myself because I stuttered.

I look up #Phanfiction on tumblur and finally find a fanfiction that says 'warning this is a lemon' which kind of stumped me. Because well I had never really heard of a lemon before like I've heard of fluff and some other stuff but not lemon so I just decided that we might as well read it to see what a lemon really is in the fanfiction world.

~~~~~~~~~To be continued~~~~~~~~~~

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