I don't need magic to make you love me ~Jack Wilder~4

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~Alyssa's POV~

'It's the big day. I'm freaking out right now. What if something goes wrong? What if it doesn't go the way I planned it? If this fails...well, then that means I fail....and if I fail...then Jack's gonna think I'm some immature amateur who doesn't know how to do anything. Oh my gosh, oh wow, oh geez. He's never gonna want to date me now. Not that we can date anyway.'

"-lyssa. ALYSSA!!!" Henley's voice snapped me out of my thought rant.

"Yes?" I said putting on my best innocent face knowing that I missed everything she was saying.

We were currently sitting in her dressing room, and the show starts in 10 minutes.

"Did you hear a word I just said?" She asked putting a hand on her hip.

"Um.....nooo" I said slowly dragging out the word.

"Geez you know half the time I honestly wonder what goes through that pretty head of yours, then the other half of the time makes me realize that I don't want to know what goes on in that pretty head of yours." She said walking over to her vanity to make sure her make up was perfect.

"I'm just nervous Hen." I said honestly

"About what?" She said turning to me.

"What if something goes wrong? I mean, we've never done something like this before."

"Will you stop it? You gave us a full proof plan that is going to end up being one of the greatest things we've ever done." Henley said sitting next to me.

"Girls, come on." The stage manager said poking his head in.

"Show time." Henley said pulling me up with her and walking out.

She looked gorgeous. One thing I'm completely jealous of are her stage outfits. She was wearing a three quarter sleeve blazer top, a black bandeau, black shimmery shorts, cute black pumps, with her hair pulled perfectly into a side pony and red lipstick. Since I'm in charge of everything backstage, it doesn't fully matter what I wear. However, that doesn't mean I can't look good, I mean, I don't want to dress like a slob in front of Jack. So I just stuck with a black bustier top, a leather jacket, a pair of dark wash jeans, some black pumps, and had my hair in a curly bun with a braid along the side of my head.(Picture SHOULD be on the side.)

"Wow Lys....you look gorgeous." I hear from beside me and Hen. I looked over to see Jack walking towards us with Danny and Merritt trailing behind him.

"Thanks Jack." I said looking down. "Just kinda something I put together." Which was a total lie. It took me about 2 hours at the least.

"If I didn't know about all the sexual tension going on between you and Wilder here, I would use some of my best pick up lines right now." Merritt said knowing that he had just made everything incredibly awkward.

"Um......um" I couldn't even get words out I was so embarassed. I could feel my cheeks burning as I glanced over at Jack who was looking down with his hands in his pockets.

"Show time guys come on!" We heard the stage manager yell.

"I'm just....gonna go....there, yeah break a leg guys." I said just wanting to get away from there.

I did what I do every show and went over to my station. My station consisted of five televisions, one for each of the horsemen and then one for the entire stage, I had my head set which connected me to each person, my notebook with the plan step by step, and a little stuffed animal bunny that Jack gave me.  It sounds stupid, but it's from the first week we met. There was a carnival in an area that we were travelling through and I saw a bunny that I thought was really cute, so Jack won it for me, then we got stuck on top of the ferris wheel where we played 20 questions, which is how we know so much about each other.

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