Tag Chapter

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I figured that I won't be tagged enough to make something completely separate, so I decided to just make a Tag Chapter.


Today's tag is brought to you because of BalladPhoenix
Do you like someone?
Nope, no one in real life.

Do they like you?
This is null and void, right?

Middle name?
I'll just say it's a Chinese word that I'm not even sure how to pronounce.

Single or taken?
Is this just about my nonexistent love life? (And just to note, it's a self-encourage life for me—meaning, who needs love??)

Last person I texted?
I sent a text into a group chat of my friends.

Last song I listened to?
I can't remember, but the song I'll Be Good by James Young is stuck in my head...


Best Girl Best-friend?
A girl who I've known since kindergarten, but we only became close around the end of elementary school and have been friends with ever since.

Best Guy Friend?
I'm friends with a set of twins, and I can't pick between the two.

Lock Screen?
One of the default settings from the Apple iPhone. It's the one that's white and gray, and appears to be smoke or clouds.

January 20 (am I a Capricorn or Aquarius, someone please tell me!)

Again with my lack of a love life?

Shoe Size?
It ranges from 3.5 to 5, which is really annoying because shoes never seem to be made that small.

Last time I cried?
Watching the League of Legends World Finals when my favorite player couldn't stand to shake hands because he was destroyed from making the game-ending play, losing the game and the championship for his team. (If you're interested, his name is Faker from SKT)

Biggest Fear?
How much time do we have? Oh, not enough. Moving on.

Favorite app?
Either Wattpad or Netflix, but the google docs app is also a life saver.

Ten facts (trying I do information that's not been said already):
1) I want to write an original story, but any idea I come up with sounds cheesy/ cliche, it has already been written (like Marie Lu's Young Elites series)

2) caffeine seems to give me a headache/ stomachache, but I can't tell if that's really a thing or it's just all in my head

3) I'm writing a Naruto fanfic (as you can tell 🤣) but I haven't watched any farther than the end of the chunin exams. So if people want to suggests directions for the plot, please do ^_^

4) I'm unathletic (If that's a word) af, and I feel so out of place in my school.

5) I used to want to be an artist or an actress when I was younger. I realized I hate preforming in front of crowds, ima  terrible drawer and painter, and I have no creativity for either profession.

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