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"Now, I want you to repeat after me: "Im a stronger girl now."" Devon said.

"I'm a stronger girl now." I said.

"Nathan was and is still a piece of shit."

"Nathan was and is still a piece of shit."

"I'm not going to let any guy ruin my abilities. I am stronger than they think. And even if those fuckers don't take no for an answer call Devon up to beat the shit outta them."

"I'm not going to let any guy ruin my abilities... I am stronger than they think. Even if those fuckers... Okay thats all I remember." I laughed.

"Good enough." Devon smiled.

I can always count on him to cheer me up. I told him about my dream last night. Beth, Devon and I were already best friends when the Nathan incident happened, and they know how upset I am over it. They try their hardest to comfort me when I do get worked up over it.

Like sometimes I see Nathan in the halls, but it's not much because he's a senior. And usually when I see him, he has his arm draped around a new girls shoulder every time. 

And he called me a slut?! He's a fucking man whore!

After that happened with Nathan, I totally changed. I never had a boyfriend after him because I was too scared they'd try what Nathan did. They'd get sex and then never talk to me again.

I also became tougher. I can stand up for myself and yes some guys have tried to hit on me in some ways. The rude ones either got a "fuck you" or "fuck off" and the nicer ones got a "no thanks" or "i'll think about it."

But I never did. Maybe one day I'll find the right one. Beth and Devon always scold me because I even turn down cute boys.

I really don't care. When I say Nathan ruined me, he really did.

"Hello, earth to Cait." Devon waved his hand in my face.

"Sorry Dev. I was thinking." I apologized.

"So which one are you going to wear?" Devon asked.

Beth had another family dinner and I was going to meet my moms mystery guy she's been meeting up with and needed Devon here to help me pick an outfit.

Yes, I was that hopeless and desperate. Not that asking Devon for fashion advice is wrong. We both want to be fashion designers when we grow up. But I just couldn't find an outfit that was good enough in my own eyes.

"How about that red dress in the corner?" Devon asked.

I pulled it out. "Devon, I'm trying to make a good first impression. We're going to some fancy restaurant, not the club." I joked.

"Ok ok fine...Omg! Look at this!"
He went to my closet and pulled out a mig thigh length black dress. It had lace on the top and was sleeveless and it looked gorgeous. I guess I over looked this dress.
*(Picture of dress below) *

"Looks good to me!" I smiled and snatched it from him

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"Looks good to me!" I smiled and snatched it from him.

"Do you think I could fit that dress?" He asked, eyeing it.

"Mine! You've already took about two of my dresses!" I growled playfully as I slipped on the dress. I shimmed in it quickly and felt satisfied at how it fit me.

Devon gasped.

"What? Oh shit is there a rip in the dress? Or a stain? Oh nooo I'm going to have to find another dress! Ugh!" I cried.

"No, shut up Cait and look at yourself in the mirror. You look fucking gorgeous!" He said, mouth half open.

I turned to my full length body mirror and gasped too. I did look good.

Hm. I bet Dillon would feel bad because he knows he will never get a girl as hot as me. Only in his dreams.

Why am I thinking about what Dillon would think of me?

"Okay I think you should wear these wine-red stiletto flats. They'll make the outfit pop." Devon handed me my flat shoes.

I put them on and turned to Devon.

He smiled and held a thumbs up in agreement.

I let my hair hang on my shoulders and did my makeup. I decided to go with a black smokey eye and added some gold eyeshadow to make it pop even mor then I put on some lip gloss. Devon decided he had nothing better to do but just sit in my room until we get back and watch tv and eat our food.

"When you come back, tell me everything that happened!" Devon called.

I nodded and went downstairs.

"Cait, you look stunning!" My mom smiled.

Chris came down in a suit and tie. He didn't look so happy about it. I couldn't help but laugh a little.

He sent me a glare.

"Why couldn't I just wear jeans and a dress shirt?" He whined.

"Because Chris, the restaurant is so fancy that you can't wear jeans. Now come on guys. We're gonna be late meeting the crew. " My mom grabbed her shawl and walked to the door.

"Crew?" Chris and I asked at the same time.

"Yeah, the Taylor's-"

"Mom please don't tell me you invited them!" I said, hoping I was wrong.

"No, actually, they were already going to that restaurant to have dinner with Mr. Taylor's boss and when they found out we were going they just decided they'd follow us since they just moved here and don't know everywhere good enough." My mom replied.

"Oh cool! Michelle will be there." Chris cheered.

"Is someone developing a crush...?" I poked him playfully and smirked.

He rolled his eyes. "We've just become really good friends."

As we walked to the car we saw that the Taylor's were already in their car, waiting for us.

We hurriedly got in and my mom led the way.

And from the smirk I caught from Dillon inside the car, I think tonight just may be hell.

So you may have noticed, maybe not, but I changed Dillon and Cait's age to 17 and they are Juniors. It feels like their new age will make the story flow better. Okay thats all. Byee ily <3

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