Chapter 6

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This is Hope now

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This is Hope now. If you guys know this is Maddie Welborn she has a good body since she works out. So she does have abs but in the book I want to make them more visible. Also I want to make her have medium size boobs not really big but noticeable also I want to make her shorter. Like 5'4 cause I think she's taller than that since Xander is 6'4. Now in this book she is 21 since I skipped a couple years which that make Xander 24 now.

I think this is Matt Dallas who plays Xander if i'm wrong correct me please

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I think this is Matt Dallas who plays Xander if i'm wrong correct me please.

Aurora and Lily are twins and are now 19 and Aurora is played by Aurora Mohn and Lily is played by Erika Kvam idk if there related but they do look alike so.

Trevor is played Jake T. Austin and is Aurora's mate.

Summer is Ryans mate and is played by Andrea Russett and is now pregnant

Ryan is played by young Jc Caylen

Alice is played by Kacey Brewer and Is mates with the head warrior besides Alpha,Beta,and Third his name is Shawn

Shawn is played by Gabriel Laceup

*Hope Pov*

I was in the kitchen cooking for a pregnant Summer she had just found out she was pregnant a month ago and looked like she looks 2 months already. "Here you go cheesy noodles with a fry egg" I said giving her a plate. Her cravings are weird but I was happy to cook. "You go watch a movie i'll clean up" I told her. "Thank's Hope" She replied with a smile. "No problem" I said smiling back. I started to wash the plates then was stopped when two arms went around my waist. "Babe I got some bad news" Xander said. I sighed. "Yes?" I questioned. "So, we have a treaty with your old pack that we would help them train if they were in trouble. Well Jackson called and said he needs help with training his pups since he can't run a pack since rouges found out he's weak and mateless without you" He said with a smirk in his voice. "Well I would like to see Jackson weak and show them how I changed" I said with a smirk in my voice. My wolf howled liking the idea of showing them how we changed. She even didn't mind us mating with Xander. I watched as the bubbles came up in the sink and got an idea. I grabbed a handful of bubbles and turned around and just smacked Xander in the face. "You shouldn't of done that babe" He whispered dangerously. I started to laugh but let out a yelp as he put me upside down hanging off his shoulder. I heard the kids laugh as the saw Xander with bubbles all over him and then me hanging off his shoulder. My head was just by his ass so I did what most girls would do to there fiance/mates ass I slapped it. I heard Xander let out a growl and I just laughed. "That's what you get!" I screamed. "Your gonna get it" he growled out. I let out a little laugh but stopped when I was thrown onto the bed. Xander hovered over me. Before I could say anything he dipped his head in the crook of my neck were my mark was. The Mark was beautiful it was a moon over the river you could see the moon in the river in the night with all the stars and some trees. Under in beautiful cursive writing was Xander. I let out a little moan as he kissed my mark. I heard a deep chuckle from Xander a he pulled away. I gave him a pout as he looked into my eyes. I could see the lust in his eyes today was going to be a long night. I thought as he smashed his lips onto mine.

I woke up undress with my fiance kissing my mark

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I woke up undress with my fiance kissing my mark. "Baby I made breakfast" Xander said. "Alright let me get dress" I replied. I gave him a quick kiss and grabbed new black lacy bra and thong then black leggings for now and Xander old football jersey. I walked back out from the walk in closet and Xander wasn't there I slipped on everything and walked out while putting my hair in a messy bun to try to hide my sex hair. "Everything is already packed and loaded into the car but, not your outfit you picked out and the make-up you left" Xander said "Even though you don't need it" he mumbled. "Chill down woofy it's only eyeshadow and lipstick" I replied. "Alright just don't cover up those love bites of yours" he growled. He hated it when I covered the love bites he gives me. I'm not complaining either I love him to show off his and the scratches on his back. I walked into the kitchen were everyone was and they looked at me. "Woah you two reek of sex" Trevor said pinching his nose. "There not even hiding it anymore!" Aurora yelled. "It looks like you both got attacked by a bear" Shawn commented. "So glad your room is sound proof Alice said while laughing. I just rolled my eyes and began to eat the bacon and eggs Xander made. After eating I went back to room and got my clothes. I threw on my You Complete Mess tank top, my leather jacket,my ripped skinny jeans, and combat boots I then put on my lipstick and eyeshadow. I kept my hair up in a messy bun to put my helmet on over my hair. I threw Xanders football jersey in the car cause I always wear it. I put on my helmet and hopped on my bike. Taking off after everyone else

*Jacksons Pov*

"Okay everyone! I need higher titles and better fighters infront and weaker people in the back!" I yelled to my pack members. Since Alpha Rivers was due here any minute. I also heard the he has gotten a new Luna. It must of been hard after his mate had died. I missed Hope a lot I fallen into great depression but, after feeling our mate bond break which meant she was dead and then all the rouge attacks. It finally woke me up that I was going to need to be a better Alpha. I also sadly had to find another girl to mate with but, I have been toying with the slut of the pack. She thinks she's going to be Luna. Thats funny she wouldn't make a good Luna. I heard the motors of motorcycles and rolled my eyes. These people are show offs but I need there help. They all parked there cars and came out. From what I knew Xanders dad was watching the pack. I watched as Xander got off the first motorcycle and then followed by 3 guys and 4 girls one who was pregnant? "Hello Alpha Smith" Xander greeted me with an icy voice. "Hello Alpha Rivers" I greeted. "So you brought your best fighters?" I questioned. "Yes I did there is Shawn,Trevor,Ryan,Lily,Aurora,Alice there is also Summer but she can't fight i'm missing someone though" He said. "Are you the best fighter?" I questioned ignoring him. "No that would be. Oh there she is now" He said pointing to the girl pulling up in the motorcycle. She got off and the smell coming off of her was amazing it smelt just like Hope no it can't be here shes dead. I watched as the girl take off her helmet and put it on the motorcycle. She then jogged to where we are. "Hey sorry I was late but I went to get your favorite muffin from Tim Horton's she said to Xander giving him the back and kissing him on the cheek. "Is this your sister?" I questioned. I heard him chuckle what is so funny I thought. "No this is the new Luna of my pack/fiance Hope Rein soon to be Rivers" He smiled kissing her on the head. I let out a gasp. Hope. My hope

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