I know that you guys have been waiting on this chapter for the last few dasy and here you go! This is the last chapter to this book. Also, there is an important announcement at the end of this final chapter. I hope you enjoy!



Me:Wait....did you just say Diggy is your boyfriend?


Me:No this isn't right! You're my girlfriend! 

Jazz:No I'm not...look I don't even know you. 

Me:What about our kids? We have twin babies together!

Jazz:Well, we can still raise them even though we're not together. I love Diggy way too much to let him go-

Me:You love him way too much?! So you still love him even though he cheated on yo ass with your best friend!

Jazz:He never cheated on me...

Me:Yes he did! Baby you don't understand how much this is hurting me right now. I can't let you go out of my life. I love you way too much

Jazz:Look...don't be upset. Even though I don't know you,  you seem like a really good guy and I think that any woman would be lucky to be with you

Me:But you're not understanding that YOU are that woman! MY WOMAN!

Before either of them could say something else, all of Jazzmine's friends walked into the room. (Even Diggy and Star). They all looked worried and wondered what happened.

Beauty:Oh my God! Jazz are you okay?!

Jazz:Yeah I'm fine Beauty.

Me:No you're not...

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