Part 7

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for Bloodypainters

I've been waiting for Ashton to text me. He's been gone for a few hours now but he's supposed to come back later for dinner. I'm walking to my room when I feel my phone vibrate. I jerk it out of my pocket hoping for it to be Ashton.
Message from Spencer: HEYYYYY
I sigh when I see that it's not from Ashton but excited that Spencer texted me.
To Spencer: Hey dude.
From Spencer: I miss you so much. I know that you've only been gone for a short time but I still miss you.
To Spencer: I miss everybody so much. It's really nice here though. You really need to come for a visit sometime.
From Spencer: I will. Don't worry. Well, I just wanted to text you to make sure you made it and that everything is good. Love you lots!
To Spencer: love you so much !
I lock my phone and put it on my side table. I grab my laptop and open Netflix. I'm searching for something to watch when I hear my phone vibrate again. When I see who it's from I smirk and open the message.
Message from Sexy👅💖: Hey babe ;)
To Sexy👅💖: Heyy
From Sexy👅💖: I'll be over in an hour for dinner. Can't wait to see you.xx
To Sexy👅💖: See you then.:))
I look at the time and see that it's 6:05. I walk downstairs to see that my mom is already starting dinner. "Hey, Ashton said that he'll be here in an hour." "Okay." I go back to my room and go to my closet to pick out something to wear. I choose a red dress and grab my black flats. I put it on and start on my hair. I dry it then run the flat iron through it. For my makeup, I did it simple. Foundation, natural eye look, mascara and red lipstick. My mom is going to tell me to take the lipstick off, I just know it. I finish off with some perfume and deodorant. I slide my flats on, take one last look in the mirror.
*ring ring ring*
I hear my phone ring and grab it to see who it is.
Ashton. *smirks*
"Hey babe. I'll be over in about 10 minutes to pick you up."
"Pick me up? Ashton what are you talking about? We're eating dinner at my house remember?"
"Well babe, plans have changes. I'm taking you out instead."
"Ash my mom is going to kill me. She hates when plans change last minute."
"Babe, don't worry. Just before I left I talked to your mum and told her that I wanted to take you out for dinner."
"How did my mom keep that from me?! She's terrible at lying."
"*ash laughs* okay babe, I'll be there soon. I bet you look gorgeous"
"I'll see you soon and I bet you look handsome. Byee"
"Bye babe"
*ash hangs up*
Shît. Ash wants to take me out and I'm not dressed for that. I run to my closet and pick out a black dress that's a bit tighter than the red one. I put it on and put my flats up. Red heels would look so much better. I put them on and since I've got some time, I've decided to do add a cat eye look. Mom calls my name so I grab my purse and phone and head downstairs. "Yes mom?" "Wow Jenn you look gorgeous, but you know how I feel about lipstick." Told you. "Yes I know but I like it."
*doorbell rings*
"Omg Ashton is here, mom do I look okay?" "Yes honey you look beautiful now go get the door" I walk up to the door, take a deep breath and open it.
"Hey babe."


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