Chapter 32

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Tris P.O.V:

"Ok, my turn!" Dylan yells, with his arm around Steph. OMG, THEY'RE SO CUTE!!!! Oh no, the fangirl in me is taking over... I need to get that sorted out. "Erm... Let's see. Uriah! Truth or Dare?"
"Obviously dare. I AIN'T NO PANSYCAKE!!!" Uriah screams. I wouldn't be surprised if he woke up the entire neighbourhood.
"Hey! I'm trying to sleep here!" a distant voice yells, "keep it down!"
There it is. "SORRY MATE!" yells Uriah.
"Uriah, you're really helping the situation here..." Peter comments and we all nod. Uriah pouts playfully and says "just get on with the dare."
"Haha, ok. I dare you to drink a shot of hot sauce." Dylan laughs.
I run into the shop, grab some hot sauce and a shot glass and throw some money on the counter. Why don't people lock these places? Anyone could steal anything from here!

I run back to the group and hand Uriah the hot sauce and the shot glass. He pours it in until the shot glass is full to the brim and drinks it. "Aaaaaaaah!!!" Uriah screams, most likely waking the whole faction up.


"Four. Truth or Dare?" Peter comments.
"Umm. You know what, truth."
"Hmmm. Ok. Why did you leave Tris for Nita?"
"Dare!" Four says, changing his mind.
"Ok, I dare you to answer that question."
"Argh! Because I had to leave for a job and I thought she moved on so I moved on."
"Even when she was pregnant with your own kid?"
"I didn't know!"
"Because you didn't give her chance to tell you!"
"You know what?! Let's just pretend this never happened; okay?"

"Ok, Tris. Truth or Dare?" Nita sneers.
"Dare, obviously."
"I dare you to... Let's see..."
"Get on with it!"
"Ugh! Shut up! I dare you to... Tell your biggest secret!"
Oh no, I usually would but this is about Four...
"Um. Pass. I'll forfeit."
"Oh, looks like someone's a little wuss."
"Shut up, Nita!"
"Don't tell me to shut up, b***h!"
"Fine! You wanna know my biggest secret."
"Your boyfriend isn't over his married ex-girlfriend and decided to kiss her on the night of her wedding!"
Everyone looks at me, wide-eyed and red faced for what seems like forever.
"Sl*t!" Nita screams, as I begin to run away. I pick up Verity, Xaiver and Tiny from where they were sleeping and don't stop. There's only one place I can go...
Outside the walls.
Ooh! Little bit of a cliffhanger there! I'm slowly getting back into writing so here it is... I made sure it is quite long (compared to ones I've done recently) so I hope you enjoyed it! Pentatonix was amazing by the way!
Yay or Nay?
~ Emilee xx

P.S: This chapter is basically double the last one! 472 words!!!

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