"Maybe we should."

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"It's fine." I smile reassuringly.

"He was always supportive of me, no matter what I did. He was there when nobody else was. He accepted who I was, and always managed to make me laugh. He was also pretty protective. Always questioning the few boys I had dated, or things like that. And pretty embarrassing." I laugh and continue,"he would lay down on the floor of the stores when he was bored, or sing really loud. I remember one time Miss Jackson came on the radio at a store and we started yelling the lyrics, we ended up getting kicked out, after that mom wasn't happy." I smile thinking of the memory."He's the one who got me playing the guitar and singing, I wouldn't be here if is wasn't for him." I said.

Calum chuckles at the story and smiles.

"He seems like a great guy Delilah. Miss Jackson was the song that we found you covering." He stated.

I nod my head, "I'm sure you miss him. But you know you always have the boys and I." He says and I nod my head again and laugh.

We order our food and soon it's placed on our plates.

"Thank you for telling me Delilah, if he was that important to you, I want to know." He says and I smile.

What did he mean though? I mentally groan for over thinking again and finish my salad.

"We should probably head back to the bus." He stated and I agree as I get up.

The walk back was silent. But not awkward or full of tension, just a nice comfortable silence.

We get back to the bus and I change my clothes and redo my makeup. Then walk into the kitchen of the bus.

Michael and Calum were talking quietly about something but soon stopped once they saw me join in.

"Ready?" Michael asks.

"Yup." I said popping the 'p' and going out the door.

Calums POV.

"How did it go?" Michael asks putting a hand on my shoulder.

"Alright. Michael, she's not into me though. I'm almost positive." I said frowning.

"That's not true, she always blushes when you compliment her, and she stares at you like your the only one around." He said trying to assure me.

"Yeah right." I mumble.
"What should I do?" I sigh running a hand through my hair.

"Honestly? Spend more time with her. Gain her trust, and don't lose it." Michael said sitting down beside me while waiting for Delilah to get done.

"Cause you know, these almost 4 months weren't enough." I say rolling my eyes.

"Just let her know your their mate. Christmas is coming, which means we're going back to see family. You need to tell Delilah before then." He said.

I groan. "Shît, I forgot about Christmas. What should I do for her though?" I ask getting  frustrated now.

"Show her you care." He says bluntly. I was about to say something but stopped when I heard gentle footsteps behind us. When I turn around Delilah was standing there looking beautiful as always, and I take it as a cue for us to stop talking.

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