chapter 1

My name is Rebecca Lilly Potter , am a witch an I go to Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry.

I have long red hair,with big green eyes that I was told my mother Lilly had she died at the hands of the Dark Lord when I was 3 years old, he tried to kill me but failed so i now have a lighting bolt scar on my left side of the forehead that goes past my eye. I live with the weasleys, people when they come over say I look just like them in a way,but nothing alike. I love the weasley twins their fun loving nature and their pranks I help come up with, we do that to annoy everyone even Ron,Mum,and Dad. Did I mention am in my third year already with the twins, guess not.

"Hey Becca, did you see Ron or Perce I want to prank them you in or out?" Fred asked

I smiled and answered "Yes,Fred they are outside De-gnoming the garden,and am in.Lets Go,Fred!!" I yelled

We went outside and started laughing at Ron, he looked over and ran at me,and then he had the nerve to tackle me and scream really loud in my ear "I missed you so much Becca, and school starts this year for me."

"Ron,calm down I missed you too and I know, you get to see me all day if ur in Griffindor so yay, and i will come with you shopping at Diagion Ally." I said very calm everyone knew if i talked very calm, I will scream at you, but Ron dosen't so I all but yelled at him


"Yes" he said scared

"Good, sorry." i said sweetly