Chapter 4

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Having been shown to a chamber earlier, Miyuki wandered alone through the halls of Rivendell. After she had agreed to attend the feast, Raiden had asked to be excused with the reason that his presence would unsettle the other guests. When she had said she would not attend if he did not, he had urged her to attend so as not to be rude to Lord Elrond. Unfortunately, she had forgotten to ask where the dining hall was & had gotten lost. Reaching the end of a hallway, she stopped. It stretched in two directions. Which way should she go?

Male voice: "My lady, may I help you?"

Startled, Miyuki spun around to face a man. Instinctively she shied away, not wanting to be anywhere near the race she hated. The man looks surprised at her reaction.

Man: "My apologies if I startled you."

This time, Miyuki gets a good look at the man. He is tall with dark shoulder-length hair flecked with grey. His features are rugged but it is his eyes that catch her attention. They are grey & kind looking, very different from the power-hungry men she had encountered as a child.

Man: "If I may venture to ask again, may I help you? You seem to be headed somewhere & if I may be so bold to presume lost?"

Miyuki [blushes]: "You guess correctly kind sir. I am on my way to the dining hall."

Her voice is quiet with embarrassment. Without Raiden by her side, she felt uncomfortable in the presence of the man. Furthermore, he was so different from the image of men she had from her memories that it unsettled her & she didn't know how to act around him.

Man [laughs]: "If you are headed to the dining hall, I will take you there. I too am on my way there though I fear that now we are both very late."

Smiling, he holds out his arm. Hesitantly Miyuki takes it. He leads her down the winding corridor until they finally come to a pair of great doors. The man throws them open & a dazzling sight is revealed.


The halls of Elrond are filled with folk. There were the fair elven folk, the dwarves & the men of Gondor. Elrond sits on a great chair upon a dais, at the head of a long table filled with food. On one side of the elven lord sat Gandalf, while on the other sat a golden-haired elf. In the middle of the table under a canopy sat a fair lady, similar in likeness to Elrond. After a moment, Miyuki realised that she must be Elrond's daughter Arwen. When she heard of Lord Elrond, she remembered hearing also of his daughter & of her beauty. Now seeing the elleth in the flesh, Arwen was certainly very beautiful. She noticed how her new companion's eyes lingered on the lady for a moment before he turned back to her.

Man: "It seems there are two seats over there. Will you sit with me?"

Miyuki belatedly realises the hall is completely silent. The eyes of everyone in the hall are on her & this man she has just met. Unable to speak, she nods & allows the man to lead her to the two open seats. He pulls out a seat, gesturing for her to sit down before he does himself. As they sit down, Elrond claps & everyone resumes eating. As they eat, Miyuki watches the man beside her. He intrigued her as she had never met any man like him.

Childlike voice: "Are you interested in Strider, fair lady?"

Starting, Miyuki turns to her other side to see what she realises is a hobbit. His curly hair is a dull gold & his green eyes twinkle with curiosity. She stares at the hobbit unable to form a reply.

2nd Childlike voice: "Leave her alone, Pip. Can't you see your making her uncomfortable? I'm sorry if he disturbed you, fair lady."

Another head pops over the first hobbit's shoulder. It is a second hobbit. This one's hair is a golden yellow & his blue eyes sparkled with intelligence.

Miyuki [finally finding her voice]: "So his name is Strider? What an unusual name."

Pip: "My name is Peregrin Took but you can call me Pippin. He's Meriadoc Brandybuck but you can call him Merry. What's your name?"

Miyuki [quiet]: "Miyuki."

Pippin: "Miyuki. What a pretty name."

The hobbit smiles at her & Miyuki softly returns it. The two of them chatter to her throughout the meal & she allows her full attention to be occupied by them. She could come to like these two she thought. At length, the feast ends. Elrond & Arwen stand, followed by the company, leading them down the hall, through the doors, across a wide passage & through other doors until they came into another hall. In in there were no tables but a bright fire was burning in a hearth upon between carven pillars on either side.

On one side of the hall, Miyuki stands alone. Strider had gone to join a dark-haired hobbit & an old white-haired hobbit. He had apologised as to leaving her on her own but she had assured him it would be fine as she had detained him long enough. Leaning back against the wall, she quietly listens to the beautiful melodies & the interwoven words of elven-tongues. Closing her eyes, the words seems to form visions in her mind of far-off lands that she had never seen.

Man 1: "Lady Miyuki, would you grant me some of your time?"

Thoughts interrupted, Miyuki opens her eyes. A man stands before her. He is smiling but his smile is nothing like the kind smile of Strider. Instantly, Miyuki feels uncomfortable.

Man 2: "Would you also grant me some of your time, Lady Miyuki?"

Man 3: "Me as well."

Man 4: "Me as well."

Men begin to crowd around her. Asking for her time, her attention. Miyuki presses herself against the wall beginning to get scared. As the men reach out to touch her she crouches down trying to make herself as small as possible. Panic begins to fill her & when she feels fingers touch her hair it is the last straw.

Miyuki [scream]: "Noooo!"

Raiden [shout]: "Miyuki!"

The doors to the hall burst open & in runs Raiden. The hall goes silent at his entrance. His silvery eyes move over the hall landing on the group of men by the wall. Realising what happened he walks over to the group, his eyes narrowing dangerously.

Raiden [growl]: "All of you. Move."

Scared, the men scuttle back. All eyes are on Raiden as he walks over to the crouching Miyuki & kneels down next to her. Miyuki raises her head, her eyes full of tears. Raiden, using his finger, gently brushes them away.

Raiden [gentle]: "It's alright now, Miyuki. I'm here."

Miyuki [shaky]: "Raiden..."

Throwing herself at Raiden, Miyuki cries into his shoulder, terrified by her experience. Stroking her head & murmuring soft words, Raiden picks her up. Standing he turns & faces Lord Elrond.

Raiden: "I apologize for the disturbance my lord. If you will excuse us, I am going to take her back to our chambers."

Elrond just nods, clearly still too surprised by the events that had just occurred to speak. All eyes are on the two of them as they exit the hall, Miyuki's sobs fading as the doors close once more.

This part comes from the book rather than the movie I know but I felt like I wanted to include this scene. This scene shows how deep Miyuki's trauma is & it is the main obstacle she will have to overcome. I will only use the movie from this point onwards though I might include bits & pieces from the book.


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