The Shy One

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(Hello everyone this is my first one and this isn’t dedicated to anyone so it’s just for anyone.) It was your first day of school. You were very nervous. When you walked through the door you noticed there were a lot of cute guys there but most of them didn’t look like your type. As you walked into 1st period (Science) you noticed this really cute guy with braces, dimples, light hazel eyes, and flippy dark brown hair you instantly fell in love. “Hello Class, I am Mrs. Thomas, your new Science teacher. Your teacher said. “Today we are going to learn about centipedes.” You couldn’t help but laugh since it sounded like you were in 4th grade. Your teacher got furious about that. “(Y/F/N) (Y/L/N)!!! Detention!” Your teacher said angrily. You just shrugged and got your detention slip from her and started walking towards the door when the cute boy called the teacher stupid. “Hunter!! (A/N: His name’s hunter geurink. Look him up on Google images) you can get a detention with (Y/N) then! “Whatever” he said winking at you.

~After School~

~Hunter’s POV~

Damn. She was so pretty. Blue eyes, freckles, cute smile, and her natural red curly hair. I was lost in thought until I ran smack into a pole. “OMG ARE YOU OKAY?” I heard a familiar sweet voice. I looked up into those beautiful light blue eyes of hers. “Yeah I’m fine” I got lost in a trance when I heard the final bell ring for school to be over. “Sorry I have to go to my locker and get my stuff. See you in detention!” She said then walked away. Not trying to be gay but I love her style of clothes. Diamond sweatshirt, some types of jeans called miss me or whatever. Black and white vans and her red hair up in a bun with earrings.

~In detention~

~(Y/N) POV~

You walked into the detention room to see Hunter with his phone inside his book. You rolled your eyes thinking typical Hunter. He saw you and waved you to come sit next to him. “Hey” You said. “Hey” “I see you have instagram to. You should follow me” you said smiling. “Yeah sure what is it?” “It’s (Your instagram username) your phone buzzed when you saw Hunter_Geurink99 is following you (A/N: That’s not his real instagram I just made it up idk what it is) you looked up at him and smiled but you saw he already was looking at you.

~After detention~

“Hey (Y/N) want to come to my house and hang out for a bit? I know we just met but we have a lot in common so I just thought…..” He said trailing off. “Sure! Let me just call my mom real fast” You did so and she said yes.

~At his house~

You guys were watching movies and eating popcorn. “Hey I bet you I can throw this in the air and catch it in my mouth” He said. “No way!” “Yes way!” And if I do you have to give me a kiss on the cheek.” You rolled your eyes and agreed. “Ugh fine” Hunter threw it up in the air and caught it. “Pay up” He said pointing at his dimpled cheek. You were about to kiss it when he slowly turned his head and you kissed his lips instead. Your lips moved in sync until you both pulled away looking into each other’s eyes. “(Y/N) I have to tell you something.” “Me too.” “Okay let’s say it at the same time.” “Deal.” “I like you” you both said at the same time. He pulled you closer to him by the waist and said “(Y/F/N) (Y/M/N) (Y/L/N) will you do me the honor and be my girlfriend? “Hunter (Idk your middle name) Geurink I will be honored to. And with that, you two lived happily ever after.

(The rest is up to you now. Thanks for reading and if you want a request please tell me what type of guy you want. (emo, bad boy, shy, sweet, nerdy, jock, etc.) also tell me your eye color, hair color, any facial features, what style you have and where you guys want to meet. Thank you and please leave your request in the comments or message me. Have a good day and thank you! Oh and the music video is a dubstep one called centipede. it sounds boring in the beginning but it gets better hehe

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