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He sat in the ship's mess, with a bottle of good Scotch. He knew that his date did not drink alcohol, but he figured, yanno, it's not a date without a little social lubricant.

Plus, he was a little nervous.

They were friends and shipmates, but he had never, ever asked out anyone on board the NCC-1701. Never! He'd always been good ole, reliable Scotty. It's like no one ever thought of him as having any sort of, well, needs. He sighed. They thought of him as a eunuch in a tunic.

But she was a newer crew member, and she was different. She was always so pleasant. And she would smile when she saw him. He didn't kid himself; she probably smiled at most of the people she saw aboard the Enterprise. But when she smiled at him, he felt special, and appreciated.

And then he had suggested getting a drink after shift. She had responded in the affirmative, and so quickly! That gave him hope. Perhaps she really was interested after all.

Other crew members filtered in and out.  McCoy waved but didn't join him; he just grabbed a cup of coffee and left, probably to return to Sick Bay. Nurse Chapel was chatting with some friends and didn't see him. Spock got a bowl of replicated Plomeek broth but had it placed in a to-go container and departed, probably to investigate some anomaly or some such. Even Kirk showed briefly, but it was to chat up some Yeoman who gave him the brush-off.

And then.

Oh, excellent!

She was out of uniform, looking very fine indeed. She had great legs, and was showing them off.

He thought of touch --- no, keep it cool, Monty, he said to himself. Don't show you're overly eager. Don't blow this.

He got up quickly and pulled out a chair for her. They greeted each other and he realized, dumbly, he was still standing up. "Can I get ya a drink, lass?"

She nodded and he went to the Replicator and got her a glass of cold milk. He placed it in front of her and a little of it sloshed on his fingers. He was about to wipe them off on a napkin when she took his hand. "Allow me," she looked at him with mystical eyes and smiled as she licked the milk off his hand.

"Uh, M'Ress!" he squeaked out. Her tongue was a little sandpapery but that did not matter. He thought of her mouth elsewhere and his breathing grew faster.

"Yes?" she purred.

"I canna tell ya how happy I am that you agreed to go out with me."

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