Chapter 2

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Henry's POV

Tommy and I were setting the tables, placing forks, spoons, menus and other stuff for the customers as Tommy turned to me "So are you mad summer vacation is nearly over? We start school again this coming Monday" I shook my head "Nah, kinda of nervous though that we turn eighteen in two weeks; Dad and Pops met when Pops was eighteen, holy crap dude what we meet the loves of our lives soon?"

Tommy chuckled "So have you ever wondered who you will marry? Like a guy or a girl? All three of us are, when you imagine your future, what sex is your spouse? Personally I think Ollie is going to end up with a husband and I'll probably get a wife, what about you?" I shrugged "I know that most bi people have preferences, but I really don't; it's personality not what's between a person's legs". We shut up as our first customers walked in, two girls, very cute. My brother and I quickly played rock-paper-scissors and when he won my brother went over with a pitcher of ice water.

"Hello ladies" he said as he filled their cups with water "My name is Tommy and I'll be...taking care of you today" he said with a wink and smirk that made both girls look at each other and giggle behind their hands; Tommy was a total playboy and I was actually kinda jealous of him, or at least his confidence. Tommy gave me a smug smirk as he put the water pitcher back into the mini fridge we had underneath the counter to keep the drinks cold.

Tommy elbowed me as an adorable elderly couple walked in and sat down. I sighed and grabbed the pot of coffee before walking to their table "Good morning!" I said cheerfully, before glaring at my brother as the two girls giggled again. "Is this your special coffee?" the old woman said cheerfully, I nodded "Yup, brewed with cinnamon and nutmeg, but don't tell anyone it's a secret" I said with a wink as I poured the coffee for them.

"We actually already know what we want" the old man said "We'll take two orders of your chocolate chip pancakes, plain". I nodded "Alright sir, coming right up" I said before walking away and putting the coffee pot back on the hot plate to keep it warm; Tommy was snickering and said "What, you're cuddling up to old people now?" I scoffed as I wrote down the pancake order on a slip of paper "Yeah Tommy that's why, not because I'm a nice person and definitely not because we get to keep the tips."

I waved the piece of paper until Ollie finally looked over, he read the paper and gave me a thumbs up before he start mixing batter; I waved at Dad who was beating the crap out of some dough, he managed to give me a smile though.

After I served the old people their pancakes I went back behind the counter and found Tommy taking off his apron "Bro what the hell?" I asked. Tommy smiled "Dude can you cover for me? That girl wants some Tomlinson in her life". "Dude you're going to just leave work for a girl?" I asked. Tommy laughed "Dude I'd leave work for just a kiss on the cheek, I'll see you later" he said before he left, not giving me a chance to respond. Typical Tommy, fine let him have this threesome or whatever; more cash for me.

I made some serious cash today, over one hundred and fifty bucks! Thank god it wasn't busy so I was able to keep up. After closing time, when I was cleaning up, this pretty girl was just sitting at her table with a book; I just left her alone, it's not like she was in the way yet. After a while though she put down her book "So obviously you're not taking my hints, what does a girl need to do around here to talk to the cute waiter?" she said, closing her book.

"I...what?" I said confused. She just smiled and I started sweating; I wasn't Tommy, I had no idea what to say in situations like these. "So...uhh...did you like the food?" I asked, kicking myself for not being able to think of something witty like my brother could. "Oh yeah it was delicious, almost as delicious as you are with those green eyes" she said with a smile. "'s a nice day outside" I said, wanting to jump off a bridge since I was so mad at myself for blowing this. She's literally throwing herself at you Henry!

She looked down at her phone "Oh sorry I have to go, I'll see you later" she said before gathering her stuff and leaving. I looked over as Oliver walked out from the kitchen "Hey bro, can I borrow one of your knives so I can kill myself with it?" I signed to him.

"Don't get any blood on the floor cause I'm the one that has to clean it" Pops said with one hand as he had a broom in the other. "Where's your brother?" Dad asked as he came out of the back. "Out" I said, shrugging. "Well alright, what do you guys want lunch?" Pops asked. "Chipotle!" My brother and I said at the exact same time. Our parents looked at each other and sighed "We just ate that like three days ago, aren't you tired of that?" Pops asked. "You've been together with Dad for eighteen years, are you tired of him yet?" Oliver asked.


Tommy's POV

I stood in what's-her-name's room, putting my clothes back on "Do you have to go so soon?" she whined, still naked. I came, I saw, I conquered. This girl was cute but there wasn't any reason for me to stick around; she didn't have a cute sibling or was particularly interesting. "We had such a good time, don't you want to end this on a high note?" I said as I buttoned my shirt back up.

She was still pouting, slipping into my English accent with a wink I said "If you're looking for a good time again, you know where I work". My accent was my secret weapon and made everyone absolutely melt, guys and girls.

Henry and I spoke in a normal west coast American accent but because of our English parents we grew up talking like them, copying their English accents; in school we learned how to speak "normally" but Henry and I could switch our accents whenever we wanted. Henry was too shy and never used his accent, since he didn't like the attention it brought him; I had to talk to him soon, Oliver too, no brother of mine was going to graduate highschool as a virgin.

I walked out of her house and got on my bike, heading to the Chipolte that Oliver said that our family was eating lunch at at a closeby shopping center. At least I wouldn't have to ride far and my bike would fit in back of my parent's suv so I would ride home instead of bike home.

I arrived after a short bike ride and I put my bike inside my parent's car after Dad unlocked the car with his car-remote thing. I sat down at the edge of the table next to Oliver while Henry has on the other side of him and our parents sat across from us.

Oliver pushed a foiled burrito towards me and I quickly opened it before tearing it up; my parents, as usual, didn't ask where I was. As long as none of us came home smelling like drugs or alcohol, behaving like we were under the influence, and if we were uninjured they didn't ask any questions. They were a little more strict on Oliver but Ollie never went anywhere so it didn't really matter.

"After lunch your father and I will be at the hardware store since your father is thinking about starting up a garden again" Pops said with one hand since his mouth was full and he held his burrito with the other. Oliver elbowed Henry and I, as we both turned to him he sighed "Can we go to the art supply store? I want to start experimenting with charcoal since I saw some amazing art online and I want to give it a try".

"Sure, but we also need to stop by the petstore, Salt and Pepper are running out of food" Henry signed. Dad handed Henry the car keys since he was the most "responsible", most boring more like. "Put the pet food in the car and then come and find us alright?" Dad signed before looking at me "Don't get into any mischief Thomas, seriously; no going for joy rides or anything ok?" "Yeah, yeah I know" I spoke outloud.

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